Top 10 Educational Apps For Kids

Educational apps are interactive software programs that aim to educate and engage kids through games, videos, and other multimedia components. These apps cover various subjects such as math, reading, writing, science, history, languages, and more. They are specifically tailored to suit children’s interests and ages ranging from toddlers to teenagers.

Educational apps for kids have become increasingly popular in recent years, providing a fun and interactive way for children to learn and explore. With the wide variety of apps available on the market, it can be overwhelming for parents to choose the best ones for their children. In this section, we will discuss the top 10 educational apps for kids.


ABCmouse is an award-winning educational app designed for children ages 2-8. It offers a wide range of interactive activities and lessons in various subjects such as math, language arts, science, social studies, art, and music. With over 10 million downloads and recognized by prominent education organizations such as Common Sense Media and the National Parenting Center, ABCmouse has become one of the most popular choices for parents and educators looking to enhance their child’s learning experience.

The app features a colorful and user-friendly interface that makes it easy for young children to navigate independently. The curriculum is structured into different levels based on age and skill level, ensuring that each child receives tailored lessons appropriate for their development. This also allows them to progress at their own pace without feeling overwhelmed or bored.

One of the standout features of ABCmouse is its gamification approach to learning. Each lesson is presented in a fun and engaging way through interactive games, puzzles, videos, songs, stories, and other activities. This not only keeps children entertained but also helps them retain information better as they learn through play.

Parents can track their child’s progress through the comprehensive parent dashboard that provides detailed reports on completed activities, time spent on each subject, and areas where their child may need more practice. This feature allows parents to be actively involved in their child’s education journey while also giving them insight into what their child enjoys or struggles with.


Features: Duolingo is an excellent choice for children who want to learn new languages. The app uses game-like lessons with pictures and audio to make language learning fun and easy.

Duolingo is a popular and highly effective language-learning app that has been recognized as one of the top educational apps for kids. It offers an interactive and fun way for children to learn a new language through games, activities, and challenges.

One of the key features of Duolingo is its game-like structure, which makes learning a new language feel like playtime. Kids can choose from a variety of languages including Spanish, French, German, Italian, and more. The app is designed to be self-paced so children can learn at their own speed without feeling overwhelmed or pressured.

The lessons on Duolingo are divided into bite-sized chunks that are easy for kids to digest. Each lesson focuses on specific vocabulary words and grammar rules with various mini-games and exercises to reinforce what they have learned. This approach ensures that children are continuously engaged and learning in a fun way rather than being bombarded with too much information at once.

Another significant advantage of using Duolingo is its gamification elements. The app uses colorful graphics, sound effects, rewards systems (such as badges), and level-ups to motivate children to keep learning. This makes it more appealing for kids who may otherwise find traditional methods of language learning tedious or boring.

Prodigy Math Game

Prodigy Math Game is an engaging and interactive educational app perfect for children ages 6 to 12. It combines the fun of a video game with the learning aspect of math, making it an ideal tool for parents and teachers looking to make math more enjoyable for kids.

The app covers all major math concepts, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, geometry, fractions, and more. What makes Prodigy stand out from traditional math apps is its use of storytelling and adventure to keep children engaged. The game takes place in a virtual world called the “Mathlands,” where players embark on quests and battle monsters using their mathematical skills.

One of the most significant advantages of Prodigy Math Game is its adaptive technology that tailors the questions to each child’s skill level. This personalized approach ensures that children are continuously challenged but not overwhelmed while playing the game. With over 1,400 skills available and new content added regularly, Prodigy caters to students at various levels and allows them to progress at their own pace.

Aside from being a great learning tool for kids struggling with math concepts, Prodigy also serves as an excellent resource for advanced learners. The game offers challenging questions that require critical thinking skills and problem-solving abilities – qualities necessary for success in higher-level mathematics.

Another notable feature of Prodigy Math Game is its emphasis on parental involvement. Parents can create accounts alongside their children or sign up to receive weekly email updates on their child’s progress.

Epic! – Unlimited Books for Kids

Epic! is an innovative and unique educational app that provides kids with access to unlimited books for their reading pleasure. The platform offers a vast collection of over 40,000 high-quality children’s books, including both fiction and non-fiction titles across various genres and reading levels. With Epic!, kids can explore new worlds, learn about different topics, and expand their knowledge through the power of reading.

One of the most significant advantages of using Epic! is its unlimited access feature. Unlike traditional library visits or book purchases, kids can access as many books as they want without any restrictions or extra fees. This allows for endless learning opportunities and makes it easy to keep up with a child’s growing interests and curiosity. Plus, with no physical or online checkout limits, multiple children in a household can have simultaneous access on different devices.

The platform also offers a personalized reading experience for each child by providing them with age-appropriate suggestions based on their selected interests and reading level. This feature encourages independent exploration while also allowing parents to monitor their child’s progress and preferences.

Epic! has an extensive selection of popular titles such as The Chronicles of Narnia series, Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, Magic Tree House series, classics like Charlotte’s Web and modern favorites like Harry Potter. Alongside these well-known titles are lesser-known gems waiting to be discovered by young readers.

Toca Life World – Create Stories & Play Dress Up Games

Toca Life World is a popular educational app for kids that combines storytelling, creativity, and dress-up games in one immersive gameplay experience. Developed by the award-winning game studio Toca Boca, this app allows children to create their own stories and explore different aspects of everyday life in a fun and imaginative way.

One of the main features of Toca Life World is its open-ended gameplay that encourages kids to use their imagination and think critically as they build their own world. By giving them full control over characters, settings, and props, this app promotes creativity and problem-solving skills as kids come up with unique scenarios and plotlines for their stories.

In Toca Life World, children can choose from a wide range of colorful characters representing diverse backgrounds and occupations such as doctors, firefighters, athletes, fashion designers, and more. They can then place these characters in any setting they desire – from a bustling city to a beach resort or even outer space. With over 50 locations available for exploration, there are endless possibilities for storytelling and learning.

In addition to creating stories with pre-made characters and settings, Toca Life World also allows kids to personalize their gameplay by designing their own avatars. This feature not only adds an element of fun but also encourages self-expression as children select hairstyles, clothing items, accessories, and even facial features for their virtual selves.


ScratchJr is a visual programming language app designed for young children aged 5-7 years old. It introduces kids to the basics of coding by allowing them to create interactive stories, games and animations using drag-and-drop blocks instead of text-based coding. This app helps develop creativity, problem-solving skills and computational thinking in young minds.

Google Earth

Google Earth is an educational app that brings geography and history lessons to life through interactive maps. Children can virtually travel around the world to learn about different countries, cultures, landmarks and historic events. The app also provides quizzes and challenges to test their knowledge.

Toca Life World

Toca Life World is an open-ended play app where children can explore a virtual world filled with different characters, buildings and  environments. Through imaginative play, kids can develop storytelling and social skills while also learning about different careers and daily life activities.

Starfall ABCs

Starfall ABCs is a popular app for preschoolers that helps them learn letters, phonics, vocabulary and basic reading skills through interactive games and activities. The app has a variety of levels to meet children at their learning stage and is designed to be engaging, colorful and user-friendly.


MyFirstApp offers a collection of educational apps for young children that focus on developing cognitive, motor and language skills. The apps cover a wide range of topics such as shapes, colors, animals, food, music and more. The activities are designed to be simple yet effective in helping kids learn through hands-on exploration.

TeachMe series

The TeachMe series includes multiple apps for various subjects such as math, spelling, sight words, handwriting and more for children aged 3-8 years old. Each app is personalized with questions based on the child’s level and progress to provide targeted practice. Parents can also create multiple profiles for different children making it suitable for families with more than one child.

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