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In this article, we’ll review the Day of Travel Airport App by SITA, as well as the Advance Passenger Processing (APP) solution and VPN. We’ll also discuss an integrated approach to border management and VPN solutions. To download the Sita app, follow the links below. After you’ve found the right app, feel free to post comments and ask questions in the forums! Just be sure to post a comment if you run into any problems while using the app.

SITA’s Day of Travel Airport App

Sita Ść† app has developed an app for airports that recognizes the needs of individual travelers and makes travel easy and seamless. Instead of presenting you with a long list of options at a crowded airport, SITA’s Day of Travel Airport App recognizes individual travelers and provides real-time business intelligence using its industry-leading APIs. To learn more, visit

With the application, you can get important information such as gate information, check-in time, and baggage-collection times. You can also view the nearest retail stores and food outlets with its indoor map. Other features include blue-dot functionality, turn-by-turn directions, and a ‘near me’ feature. This app has become an indispensable companion for travelers. To experience its full potential, download the SITA’s Day of Travel Airport App today.

SITA’s Advance Passenger Processing (APP) solution

SITA is the leading provider of IT solutions for air transport border management. The company has recently announced the implementation of a system for filtering sensitive passenger information. The Canadian government has contracted SITA globally to transfer PNR data from airlines. To ensure the privacy of passenger data, SITA developed a service for airlines that filters out information that would violate European and Canadian privacy laws. The service has already been adopted by seven airlines flying into Canada.

SITA’s Advance Passenger Processing solution provides airline and airport crew with real-time risk assessments, enabling them to issue “a board or no board” directives according to risk assessment. In addition, it enables border security agencies to export PNR data from the point of embarkation. The company has also signed several contracts worth $44 million this year. Further, SITA is expanding its global footprint by launching PNR pilots in Kuwait and Australia.


Aventail SSL VPN is now available from SITA SC. This clientless solution gives companies the ability to manage access to their network securely and eliminates the need for expensive direct network connections. Aventail supports a variety of access requirements and authentication methods. SITA SC has joined many other leading service providers in offering Aventail’s managed service. Whether you’re a business looking to protect your network or an individual traveling on your own, SITA’s VPN app is the solution for you.

With over 750 international destinations and over 220 countries, SITA Connect can provide you with unmatched connectivity performance. The app has a user-friendly interface and is supported by a wide network of trusted partners. However, you should be aware that downloading apps from third-party sources may have potential risks for your device. APK files may contain viruses and corrupt your device. You may not be able to update them automatically.

Integrated Approach to Border Management

The SITA app combines passenger information service with real-time risk assessment. This new feature enables border authorities to deny boarding to travelers who pose a risk. This technology, also known as exporting the border, is ideal for border security operations. SITA’s advanced border management system is capable of evaluating risk factors at the check-in process and making decisions in real time. It’s also perfect for reducing processing times, thanks to its integrated approach.

The SITA Smart Path software enables passengers to walk through the border without wasting time in lines. It integrates into existing airport infrastructure and airline systems and can be used with standard gates and self-service equipment. SITA Smart Path is also fully integrated with government databases and systems, enabling seamless integration across borders. And with an intuitive user interface, it’s compatible with any mobile device. With this software, border officials can access valuable information at any time.

Reduced Administration Time

A leading airline in Asia and the Middle East is using the SITA AirsideApp to improve ground operations. The solution reduces administration time by 30 percent and improves time-stamped activity recording. SITA AirsideApp offers seamless integration with airport back-end systems, including departure control systems, flight information, roster management, and third-party services. Users of the app have the ability to view contextual data based on individual work activities performed by ground agents.

SITA Airside App is a free mobile application designed to help airport administrators manage their employees’ time and tasks. It is a great tool for anyone who handles airport administration, as it reduces administration time and increases the efficiency of staff. The SITA app can be downloaded for free on the Apple and Android markets. The SITA app provides a host of other benefits, including the ability to manage and monitor flights from a single place.

Digital media on the move

If you’re looking for new ways to reach travelers, SITA has created the DigitalMedia On The Move (DMOM) app. This mobile app allows passengers to access content from the airside in a variety of formats, including digital magazines, newspapers, movies, and games. Moreover, it allows you to download city guides from anywhere, including airports. To download the app, visit the Apple App store or Google Play.

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