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If you’re considering getting a new messaging app, you’ve probably heard about DigiSac Whatsapp. But what’s this new app and what’s it like to use it? You’re probably wondering how it compares to other similar products. Let’s look at the features of DigiSac, as well as the costs. You can also take advantage of a free 10-day trial of the app!


A great way to connect with clients is through WhatsApp. The application is designed for businesses, and is often referred to as Waba. It enables businesses to connect with clients by integrating WhatsApp and Telegram. The benefits of using a Digisac account are numerous. Not only does it make communication easier for business owners, but it also provides organization, a single location, and a centralized platform. This allows businesses to connect with their clients in a more efficient and organized way.

When it comes to customer support, digital customer service can go a long way. With Digisac, you can integrate multiple communication channels into one place and manage them all in one place. Whether you have one mobile phone or a large team, Digisac helps you deliver personalized customer service. You can even set up chatbots to answer customer inquiries. And if you want to manage customer service, you can automate the process.


There are several benefits of using the DigiSac Whatsapp app for your business. For one, you can manage your entire company from one place. The application offers you several communication options, including chat, business intelligence, and helpdesk. Another great feature is the ability to set up private channels to communicate with specific people. You can also share sensitive information. Once you’ve installed the app, you’re all set.


The cost of Digisac Whatsapp plans vary. This platform was designed with businesses in mind. Basically, the company has a single location to manage all their digital communication. The service also has several paid features, such as voice recording, chat rooms, and group messaging. With so many different ways to communicate, a business must decide which plan will be best for them. A free plan, however, offers a limited amount of features.

Teste gratuito de 10 dias

You may have heard about the free 10 day trial of DigiSac, a business WhatsApp for business. This app enables business users to manage all of their WhatsApp accounts from one single account. Not only that, it also allows multiple users to access the app simultaneously, and it allows you to redirect other communication platforms. It has been on the market for over five years, and already has many happy customers in different industries.

Customers are increasingly demanding of customer service through WhatsApp, so companies are now able to offer this important service to their customers. In order to offer this service, businesses must register more than one number in WhatsApp. Additionally, they must have at least one web address listed at a time, so you must register as many numbers as you can. However, DigiSac has a free 10 day trial so you can evaluate how useful it is for your business.

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