How to Use the KaCyber App in Uganda

If you are looking for a platform for bus ticketing and fleet management, you should definitely check out KaCyber App. KaCyber allows you to search, compare and book tickets on buses, and also calculate travel fares. You can now use this app in Uganda! Here’s how to get started. Follow these steps to get started! Once you’ve downloaded the app, make sure to connect to your Google account or create one!

KaCyber is a bus ticketing and fleet management platform

KaCyber is a platform for bus operators, passengers, and drivers to manage their operations. The platform includes a mobile application and web panel. The web application allows bus operators to add routes, drivers, and buses to their system. The app also includes functionality to validate tickets and accept cash payments. The platform’s super admin can manage all components from one central location. The mobile application gives users complete control of bus routes, pick-up locations, and seating arrangements. In addition, passengers can use the app to make online payments.

The company offers a variety of bus services, including regional and international services. Users can choose from various bus services based on departure times, prices, and amenities on-board. KaCyber’s platform also lets passengers choose seats and pay fares and fees. Depending on the country, a variety of payment options are available, including credit cards, PayPal, and Apple Pay.

It enables users to search, compare and book tickets

The KaCyber App is an online platform that helps users search, compare and book bus tickets in their area. The application is available on both the Play Store and the App Store. It has a variety of features, including user reviews and ratings, which you can access to make an informed decision when buying tickets. You can choose between multiple operators, routes and dates, and book your tickets directly through the app.

To install the KaCyber App on a PC, you need an Android emulator. Bluestacks comes with an Android emulator, so all you need to do is double click the Playstore icon and search for the application you want. Bluestacks will then install KaCyber Go automatically. The app will appear under the list of installed applications. Once installed, you can use the KaCyber App to compare, book, and search for tickets on your PC or laptop.

It calculates travel fares

KaCyber is a mobile app that allows users to compare and book tickets online for flights and other transport services. The app is available in over 15 cities in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, South Sudan and DRC. The app provides customers with fares and schedules for more than 200 routes served by more than ten different operators. Users can transact on the app using Mobile Money wallets or credit cards.

It is available in Uganda

The KaCyber App is a mobile payment system for transportation in Uganda. The company has partnered with the private sector foundation Uganda (PSF) to help pilot the new system with bus operators. The private foundation is confident that this new technology will transform Uganda’s transportation sector, and has committed UGX 35 million to the startup. This money will help test the app with bus operators before rolling it out to the public.

KaCyber services are available in Kampala and over 15 other major cities across the country. They are also available in neighboring countries such as Kenya, Tanzania, the DRC, and South Sudan. The app has more than 200 routes and ten operators, and customers can pay using credit cards or Mobile Money wallets. KaCyber also supports more than 30 currencies. If you plan on staying for a long time, it’s a good idea to get a local sim card, but if you’re planning on travelling to a city, it’s best to check ahead.

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