What you need to know about USask Paws

USask Paws is an online platform for interacting with therapy dogs to help reduce stress, improve mood and increase well-being. The website offers events with therapy dogs, which can viewed by anyone, and you can sign up for online or in-person events. Online events began on April 20 but suspended due to a coronavirus health crisis. The events are currently running again, and are schedule to last until July.

PAWS Your Stress therapy dog program USask Paws

The PAWS Your Stress therapy dog program was develop by Dr. Dell, who also heads the PAWSitive Support program at the University of Saskatchewan. This program offers visits from therapy dogs, which offer comfort, love, and support to university students. The program has evaluated by the team at the University of Saskatchewan and a thesis has been published on the impact of therapy dogs on university students.

The program works by bringing the dogs to different places, including SUNY Oswego’s Johnson Hall, where they meet students. These events help students de-stress and relax. The program hopes to make the visits a regular part of finals week.

University of Saskatchewan’s online learning management system

The University of Saskatchewan’s online learning management system (LMS) allows faculty and staff to create, manage, and view course content. In most cases, instructors have full access to their courses. While there are restrictions, faculty and staff can access and edit their courses,Click even if they do not have full access. If you have questions about using UARK, contact the LMS administrator.

The LMS has a course data quota for each course. Content over the quota will permanently deleted after two years. Instructors will receive notification about this each semester. Faculty and staff may request that a course retained for longer.

Student awards

USask offers various types of student awards, including undergraduate scholarships and graduate bursaries. You can apply for these awards through USask, but you may also qualify for external awards from outside organizations. You can learn more about these awards in the University’s Student Awards Guide.

These awards are for students from all over the world who wish to pursue a postsecondary education in Canada. You need to meet certain requirements to be eligible for these awards. First, you must have completed at least 18 credit units at the University of Saskatchewan. In addition, you must not have dropped below 18 credit units during the fall and winter terms. Failure to meet these requirements will void your award and you will be responsible for all outstanding tuition.

Multi-factor authentication on email

When setting up your USask email account, be sure to enable multi-factor authentication (MFA). Also known as two-step verification, MFA is a critical step in preventing unauthorized access to your email account. For more information about MFA and how to set it up, visit USask’s Knowledge Base.

The MFA process involves entering your USask NSID, which is a unique identifier. This number is used to access university computer services including email, computer labs, and password-protected webpages. The NSID also serves as your username for your email account.

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