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How to Turn Your NSCC Ivany Campus Side Hustle Into a 6-Figure Business

The NSCC Ivany Campus is the newest campus of the college, and it features free on-campus parking, incredible views of Halifax Harbor, and the Centre for Built Environment, where you can conduct research and learn about sustainable building practices. The campus is also home to many entrepreneurs from across the province. In addition, the campus is home to an online radio station that is operated by students in the Radio, Television and Journalism program. You can also listen to original work produced by students and award-winning faculty.

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NSCC Ivany Campus is one of the newest campuses, with spectacular views of the Halifax Harbour and easy access to the Trans Canada Trail. This modern campus focuses on sustainable building practices, with learning labs and research facilities for students, faculty, and industry. It’s also home to the Design and Innovation Centre, a collaborative space where students and researchers from across the province create original work.

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NSCC Ivany campus offers a variety of training programs

The NSCC Ivany campus offers specialized training in a wide range of fields, from the arts to business administration. The campus offers free on-campus parking and stunning views of Halifax Harbor. It also features a design and innovation centre, which houses learning labs and research facilities. Students and faculty from across the province collaborate here. Students can also take courses in diesel and automotive repair, horticulture, and geomatics.

Faculty and staff members at NSCC Ivany campus are industry professionals. They understand the importance of a well-rounded education and are committed to helping students succeed. Are also dedicated to ensuring that students develop the skills employers seek. They are dedicated to helping students succeed and fostering a culture that celebrates lifelong learning.

The Ivany campus also hosts a Centre for the Built Environment (CBE), which is home to several research teams. Students interested in the built environment can explore its various systems and conduct research and analysis. The CBE is 11,148 square meters in size and contains a BSM research lab. This lab collects real-time data from over three thousand locations.

NSCC Ivany campus is an environmentally-friendly campus

The Ivany campus is NSCC’s newest campus and boasts a stunning view of the Halifax Harbour. The campus is located near the Trans Canada Trail and is design with sustainability in mind. The Ivany Campus includes an award-winning Design and Innovation Centre with research labs and learning spaces. The campus is accessible by public transit, and the school has a variety of environmental and sustainability practices.

NSCC’s sustainability policy mandates that all decision makers adhere to the Sustainable Development Goals Act. Its commitment to sustainability has helped the college earn national and international recognition for being an example of environmental stewardship. NSCC is currently ranked ninth overall in Canada by the Canadian Council for Community Colleges and Universities. It beat out Dalhousie University of Waterloo to be named one of the top colleges in the country.

NSCC Ivany campus has an online radio station

The NSCC Ivany campus is home to a student-run online radio station. The station is produce by a partnership between student organizations and classes. It has featured artists such as alumni and faculty who have released albums. It also offers students the chance to get their voices hear across the province.

The college’s Ivany campus is one of its newest campuses and features stunning views of the Halifax Harbor and the Trans Canada Trail. It is also an environmentally-conscious campus, housing an innovative Design and Innovation Centre, learning labs and research spaces. The campus is also accessible via public transportation.

The station will feature original student works and the works of award-winning faculty. The station will air 24-hours a day. Students will be able to upload their own recordings for broadcast. The station will also provide students with recording software and hardware.

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