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How to become Master in Myblueprint HDSB

The MyBlueprint HDSB Individual Pathway Planning tool is designed to assist students in their decision-making process about their education, career, and life. Through four inquiry questions, students develop their education planning skills, while gaining valuable information about various pathways. Students and families can create an account to explore the many tools available for forward planning.

Critics Myblueprint HDSB

MyBlueprint HDSB is an online service provided by the High Desert School Board that helps students create a digital portfolio of their educational experiences and interests. Students can upload photographs, videos, and even write a personal message. While many parents have praised the service for its convenience, there are also some who are critical of its practices. Some have express concerns about how their child’s information could be misused or shared without their permission.

Users Myblueprint HDSB

The High Desert School Board (HDSB) provides an online service called Myblueprint HDSB, Click which allows students to create a digital portfolio, upload pictures and videos, and add a message of their own. It has received some criticism from parents, who are concerned about their children’s personal information. They complain that their children’s information is share with third-party websites without their consent.


Activities in MyBlueprint are task types that students can complete. They are grade-specific and have been pre-created at the provincial level. Unlike Class Activities, which are tie to the class of a student, Grade Activities are personalized to the student. In addition to requiring students to complete a specific task, students can also complete class-specific activities that help them with their metacognition and reflection.

Activities in myBlueprint are design to help students explore the 4 inquiry questions and develop forward planning skills. They help students develop skills to make good choices about their education, career and life. Students and families can create a myBlueprint account to begin exploring these choices and further their education planning. The site includes many tools that help students and their parents make decisions about the next phase of their lives. The student information is archive at the end of the school year so that students can access their information the following year.

Student Information Form

MyBlueprint HDSB is a digital pathway planning tool that helps HCDSB students choose the course of study that best suits their personality and interests. It also provides individualized guidance from guidance counsellors to help students choose a career path. To get start, students need to complete the student information form.

Students can also create a personal digital portfolio using Myblueprint HDSB. They can upload videos, photos and add a personalized message. This service has receive some criticism, however, as many parents have express concern that their child’s information could misused and shared with third parties.

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