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What you need to know about MyBlueprint YCDSB

MyBlueprint YCDSB is a great resource for teachers and students to help them keep track of their personal growth. It also allows students to upload multimedia content to create a portfolio. Many Grade 12 students use it to complete their Capstone Projects. It also helps students keep track of their projects.

Career/Life planning tool

The Career/Life planning tool on myBlueprint is a new, student-friendly online tool designed to help students determine what career path they want to pursue after high school. Unlike Career Cruising, where students had to choose a career from a list of possible options, the new myBlueprint tool guides students through the process. Students can choose which courses to take in order to build a personalized plan, and the system even tracks their high school credits.

The tool is mobile-friendly and can be accessed on any device. Using this tool can help students explore their interests, reflect on their educational journey, and identify their skills and values. The YCDSB has recognized that helping students find their interests and skills is an important part of high school, and has created this resource to support this goal. The tool also provides guidance on high school course selection, and counselors are available to answer questions about what courses are right for students.

The new Career/Life planning tool on myBlueprint YCDSB is available for students in grades seven to 12. This tool includes self-assessment surveys, educational pathways research, and career exploration tools. In addition, students can create a resume and plan their next steps in post-secondary education.

Student ePortfolio

The York Catholic District School Board has launched a student ePortfolio to help students develop an individual plan for their future. The digital portfolio includes career exploration tools and research on educational pathways. It also includes the ability to create a resume and share it with parents and teachers.

Teachers can also view myBlueprint portfolios to gauge a student’s growth. The tool is useful for class presentations, Click as well as a way for students to display their interests and passions. The myBlueprint ePortfolio is available to school districts that purchase licenses to use it. In British Columbia, the Langley School District has created a galaxy guide, Surrey Schools has a web page outlining its use, and R.E. Mountain Secondary School has a document outlining how to create a myBlueprint portfolio.

The myBlueprint YCDSB student ePortfolio is a web-based tool that helps students in grades 7 to 12 build a digital portfolio. It is a comprehensive toolbox that incorporates self-assessment surveys, educational pathways research, and career exploration tools to help students plan their high school and post-secondary options.

Teachers can track their students’ personal growth through the use of myBlueprint YCDSB student ePortfolio. This tool is mobile-friendly and replaces Career Cruising, a curriculum-based application used in York Catholic high schools. The program also allows students to upload multimedia content to their portfolio. The York Catholic District School Board hopes the new student ePortfolio will help students develop their unique skills and interests.

Course selection tool

The MyBlueprint YCDSB course selection tool allows students in grades seven to 12 to create a digital portfolio and choose courses based on their strengths, interests, and skills. This tool includes self-assessment surveys, educational pathways research, and more.

The new system is designed to make the selection process easier for students. It is mobile-friendly and replaces the Career Cruising application, which students previously used.

Once the student has selected a course, they can view the schedule and prerequisites. However, it is important to note that not all courses are offered at all OCSB high schools. In these cases, guidance counsellors can help with alternative options.

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