Getting Started With D2L PDX

After logging in to D2L PDX, you can access your notifications, courses, and personal settings. Under the personal settings, you can change your profile and notifications settings, and customize your account settings. You can also view important system updates via the global Announcement widget, located on the left side of the D2L homepage.

Course Home page D2L PDX

The D2L Pdx Course Home page allows you to access the main menu for your course. This menu will list all of your courses and links to course content, the gradebook,Click and a Discussions tool. The Discussions tool will give you the option to create new discussion topics or moderate existing ones.

The D2L Pdx Course Home page contains a number of features that make it a powerful learning platform. For example, the D2L Content Browser will show course content like lecture notes, the syllabus, and other resources. Discussions will display grades from your instructor, and allow you to communicate with your fellow students and TAs. You can also visit Elluminate, which will allow you to view live lectures via the internet. In addition, the Classlist will list your current roster and allow you to contact classmates through D2L mail.

Mail system

If you’ve ever taken a PSU class, you’ve likely used the D2L mail system. This system differs from the PDX Gmail mail system, and instructors may prefer one over the other. If you’re new to D2L, the Office of Information Technology offers a number of how-to guides.

Once you’ve installed D2L Mail, you’ll be able to access your Inbox, compose new messages, and reply to old ones. You can also save messages to your personal folders. To do this, you need to sign into your D2L account. Then, you’ll need to add a recipient to your D2L Mail address book.

Odin Account Manager

To access Odin, you must create an Odin account. You can create a standard Odin account or an affiliate account. An affiliate account is typically used for individuals who do not qualify for a standard Odin account. In order to create an affiliate account, you must request it from a higher-level employee.

Once you have created an account, you will be able to manage it. In addition to managing your account, you can change your password and view other information about your account. In addition, you can view your Acceptable Use Policy, which governs all campus computer systems and iPads.

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