Top 10 News Magazines Apps For Your iPhone Or iPad

With so many options out there, how do you choose which one to try? Here are some of the top news magazines apps for your iPhone or iPad. You can choose from Inkl, Inoreader, Flipboard, and Apple News. Let us know what you think! And remember to rate them! We’ll be updating this article regularly with more news magazine app reviews! Read on to learn more. And stay tuned for Part II!


The Inkl news magazine app is available for free to download for your iPhone or iPad. You can filter stories by category and stop the feed for publications that you don’t care about. You can also filter news by country to view only those news stories published in those countries. This app is a useful way to read news that you might not have otherwise heard of. And you can save the articles you like for later.

Inkl aims to give its users the best possible news experience. To do that, it strips out ads and clickbait articles. It also curates the stories for you based on your personal tastes. The app offers you a broad range of topics and news sources and is fast, clean, and ad-free. If you’re interested in getting more news and views on a particular topic, Inkl is the app for you.

With its ad-free content, Inkl has already secured a few publishers for their news platform. So far, the app has signed up seven publishers and is in talks with more. The number of paid subscribers is unknown. Regardless, the service is a promising start for the struggling news industry. So, what makes Inkl one of the top news magazines apps for iPhone?

With the help of a subscription, you can get all the latest news from trusted sources around the world. Inkl is the last news app on our list, but it brings forth the best news from the most credible sources. Members enjoy brilliant reporting and cutting analysis from numerous titles. You can sign up for a free seven-day trial membership to check out its benefits and explore the mastheads of your choice. You can read news from over 100 trusted sources and stay up to date with all the current news and events in the world.


Inoreader is one of the most top news magazines apps for Android. It offers an easy-to-use interface and allows you to view different types of content from a variety of sources. The app also lets you create personalized magazines and share them with others. There are millions of magazines available, covering topics ranging from home decoration to the latest technological advances. You can also create your own magazines and share them publicly or privately.

Inoreader is a good choice for professionals who read a lot of information on the go. It allows you to subscribe to news feeds from more than 30 different publishers. It also makes reading easy by highlighting articles for future reading and allowing you to organize them into folders based on topic. Furthermore, Inoreader has a large community of content keepers, allowing you to subscribe to as many as 28 different topics.

Another popular news app is Flipboard. Similar to Feedly, it also lets you create custom feeds and tracks what you read. However, this app is a bit flashier than Feedly and has large images and fun animations. It also has additional features for discovery. Despite its limited features, it is free to use and works on Android and iOS. So, make sure to check out this app for yourself and see how it can improve your daily reading.


If you’re looking for a News Magazines Apps, Flipboard is worth checking out. The app is a collaborative digital magazine that compiles stories from a variety of digital news sources and combines them in a single place. Each story features an image, a headline, the source name, and the date it was published. You can also interact with a story by pressing the “Like” button or tapping the three dots in the lower right corner. Lastly, you can share stories via Facebook and Twitter by tapping the “Share” button.

The interface of Flipboard is simple and intuitive. You can browse news and browse articles from any topic by simply touching an article. Flipboard also makes finding articles that interest you quick and easy. Unlike other news magazines apps, you can quickly browse popular articles and magazines by swiping left and right. Thousands of websites and magazines can be found within the app. You can also follow a specific publication or topic to see the latest posts and articles related to that topic.

For those who enjoy reading a variety of media, Flipboard offers a wide range of popular publications. For example, TechCrunch provides long-form pieces, news stories, and breakthroughs. You can even save articles and flip them with your colleagues. The magazine also allows you to privately share stories with others. Simply send them the link and they can then flip through them. They can even comment or like them on the stories they read.

Apple News

If you love reading magazines, you’ve probably wondered how to read them on your iPhone. With Apple News, you can browse through thousands of titles, scroll down to read the headline, and zoom in or pan through the pages. You can also save individual articles to your iPhone for later reading. This article will show you how. Listed below are the Top news magazines apps for Apple News. You may also like these:

Flipboard is another app that lets you browse news in a magazine-like format. The app uses beautiful pictures and a large grid for each news item. You can browse through hundreds of topics in this app, such as business, sports, politics, or entertainment. With its wide range of topics, you’ll be able to find a news source in just about any niche. Whether you’re interested in business, pop culture, or the latest gossip, you’ll find it here.

Another notable app for reading magazines is SpryLab, which was founded by Stephan Heck and Benjamin Kolb in 2007. It supports the work of major media companies and creates original content that is optimized for mobile use. Bauer Media, Hubert Burda, and Aller Media are among those supported by SpryLab. These magazines also include audio stories. For $9.99 per month, you can subscribe to over 300 titles! You can even share a subscription with a friend or family member.

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