WordPress Hosting: What Is It & Why You Need It?

In this ever-advancing digital year of 2024 it is essential for business owners to know at least a thing or two about their hosting service. One of the ultimate options at your disposal is WordPress hosting, which allows both managed and self-hosted options. Whilst the self-hosted option provides fantastic flexibility on the cheap it can be difficult to create your own website.

The managed option ensures that your website has a highly user-friendly experience whilst ensuring that your website runs at top speed in the safest way possible. What’s more, your provider will handle whatever tasks you need them to through this service.

Because, after all, you likely didn’t get into the colourful world of business to sit around handling website tasks all day, so here are some of the benefits of enlisting the experts for your WordPress web hosting:

The benefits of a simplified control panel

Top class web hosting services are further amplified by a simplified control panel that makes it easy for users to delegate tasks and manage their site. This features incredible benefits include:

1. Amazing performance

Both managed and self-hosted websites have fantastic performance solutions that allow your website to operate at top capacity. Self-hosted sites can enjoy

a cost-efficient solution called shared WordPress hosting, but being a cheaper option can mean that your site experiences more downtime as it could be sharing a server with innumerable other websites!

The managed option, conversely, responds to traffic peaks as they happen, ensuring you have every resource available at your disposal. Unfortunately, website downtime is inevitable, but this option all but alleviates it whilst maintaining a top quality user experience.

2. Web safety

Unfortunately, hackers have a knack for picking up on outdated plugins and websites. But managed services are wonderful in the way that they provide automatic updates that help keep your website safe from hackers. These updates will be triggered the moment they are made available and this will help bolster your website and keep it safe from any unwanted intruders impeding on all the hard work you’ve done.

Furthermore, this option reduces that number of plugins you’ll require to run the site. As your first class provider will offer automatic backups, top speed and updates, many of your old or outdated plugins will become obsolete and this will help speed up your site whilst reducing the risks associated with them being outdated.

3. Cost-effective

Have you ever experienced massive downtime? Or, has your website ever been so slow that even you would happily bounce from it? If you have ever answered yes to these two questions then this solution could be perfect for you. But why?

Because whilst being a highly cost-efficient option you can also trust that downtime and slow speed will be all-but-alleviated. This, naturally, will keep your site running and profit flowing!

4. Data safety

Whilst not as prominent as the bad old days it is still possible for a plugin or theme to literally break your website. Backups are an essential element to your managed service as they ensure that you never have to worry about losing any imperative information.

5. The all-important control panel

There is nothing more enjoyable for business owners than a simplified control panel and this option provides exactly that. You will be able to easily manage your site in the way that works best for you. What’s more, you can also delegate tasks to your service provider, freeing up all-important time for you to focus on other important areas of running your business!

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