Online Marketing Advice for Small Businesses

There are more opportunities for businesses to market themselves than there ever have been, but the methods you use depend on your industry and how large your business is. When you are a mid or small business another factor that has a big impact on your choices is your limited budget. You can use an experienced marketing company, Brick or where you are, to help focus your resources in the right direction but here are some ideas marketing strategies should take for SMBs.

Get on social media

If your marketing company Howell, or your marketing department have not got a focus in social media you are missing out a lot. Nowadays businesses should have some kind of presence there, it is where so many people go so businesses should be there too. It is also very affordable while giving twice the marketing leads more traditional marketing efforts make. It does not have to be complicated or overwhelming. Start with one platform and get it right there before moving to somewhere else. The platform should be one where your industry leaders, customers and prospects are. There is no point in joining LinkedIn if most of your audience is over on Facebook. Stay engaged and connect with the content you add. Post often and stay relevant.

Start a blog

Blogging is a great way to give information to your audience while also establishing yourself as someone they can turn to for non-biased and informative content. You do not want it to be over-pushy on the sales side of things. This is just to set yourself up as an expert to be trusted. With a blog twice a week you can have a positive effect on your SEO meaning your sites are more easily seen by search engines people use. You can build up how much traffic comes and some of that will translate to sales and some of that will translate to people talking about your blog posts to others. Guest blogging is something a marketing company Brick can help you with as you contribute to different relevant blogs.

Use Facebook in every way possible

Facebook is an example of a social media platform but it has a lot more power especially for smaller businesses so is worth looking at on its own. In the US one minute of every seven minutes is spent on social media. It is an excellent place you and your marketing company Howell can build a relationship with your customers and clients. But you also can interact with others and increase awareness of your business even more. As well as creating a business page though there is also the opportunity of Facebook advertising. Ads appear on the news feed of users and they are hard to completely miss or ignore. It is especially effective with local businesses for example a restaurant. If someone is scrolling through their feed and they see a new restaurant is open, or that you are offering a discount or such on their feed they are likely to check you out.

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