The Army HRC Portal

The Army HRC Portal, part of the ICAM Portal, provides a variety of useful resources and information for people in the armed forces. For example, you can find out about the latest news and updates on the American armed forces. You can also access your records, and view reports online.

My Record Portal

My Army Record Portal is an online database of records of active-duty soldiers. The portal is available to soldiers from all branches of the armed forces. This website has been designed to allow Soldiers to view and update their service records, as well as access their medical history. It is also used for personnel development, learning, and innovation.

iPERMS Army HRC Portal

The iPERMS army HRC portal allows authorized officials to make changes to records related to Soldiers. This process is know as a case. In a case, the authorizing official can ask for the record to removed, amended, or revoked. The request must submitted to the Army Board for Correction of Military Records.

The iPERMS army HRC portal also allows authorized users to view documents and upload them to iPERMS. The system requires a DOD ID number for proper filing. It is written in the upper-right corner and must be includ in the document. This is a security precaution as the DOD ID is accessible in the Total Officer Personnel Management Information System and the electronic Military Personnel Office Datastore. The use of a DOD ID reduces the risk of misuse or release of information about an individual.

Creating an account

The Army HRC portal is an online database that houses information for career managers, Human Resource Personnel, and other stakeholders in the Army. To access the database, you need to have a Common Access Card and High Security (128-bit encryption) in order to login. You can find the service record icon on the left side of the web page under “Documents” on the menu bar.

Viewing reports

The Army HRC portal provides Soldiers with easy access to their personnel records. The Army’s record review tool allows Soldiers to view their own personal records,Click while Human Resource professionals can view those of other Soldiers. The record review tool requires a Soldier to upload required documents. To upload documents, refer to the Scan and Upload Documents Webpage.

Board members spend the most time on evaluations, so it’s important that raters are thorough. This includes checking spelling throughout the OER/NCOER report. The rater narrative must also be quantitative and measurable.

Downloading documents

The Army HRC portal allows Soldiers to upload and download documents from their official file. This includes AMHRR documents. This portal is accessible under the Freedom of Information Act. The HRC portal provides guidance on how to upload documents to the portal. It also supports PDF and TIFF files.

The Army Privacy Office requires that you follow specific procedures when it comes to PII. The Army does not allow documents containing multiple Social Security Numbers, DODID numbers, or other PII. To avoid this, make sure that the Soldier’s SSN is in the top right-hand corner of the document. If there is third-party PII on the document, make sure to black out the data. If this information is not black out, the document will deleted.

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