An ISOPREP Army card is mandatory for any member of the military placed in situations where they may be exposed to a high isolation risk. This risk varies by geographical location and seniority within the military, and requires that an individual be equipped with the necessary resources to fight for survival. This card provides those resources.

ISOPREP Army card

An ISOPREP army card is a must for any service member positioned in a high-risk environment, such as a war zone. The card contains personal information that can only be known by the individual and is used by recovery forces to positively authenticate the person in an IMDC. It also includes a photo.

ISOPREP army card forms can be found on the official website. Users should log in using their user name and password in order to access the forms. If they forget their user name or password, they can contact the ISOPREP help desk. The help desk will notify them and provide them with a new token and username.

Authentication number ISOPREP Army

Authentication number for ISOPREP Army is a vital piece of information for anyone involve in the ISOPREP program. It allows a person to verify their identity in the event of kidnapping or entrapment. The ISOPREP form contains information about an individual’s Authentication Statement, as well as an Authentication Number. This information must be provided to the CCMR point of contact.

The ISOPREP report is a key tool used by the U.S. military and other organizations to positively identify individuals. It may look like a human resources file, but it is design specifically for military personnel. The information contained in an ISOPREP card is classified until it is need during a recovery effort.

Contact form

The ISOPREP Army Contact Form allows you to submit your ISOPREP to the military for processing. Once completed, the form becomes classified as CONFIDENTIAL, and you must handle it carefully. The Department of Defense suggests that you do not type the last four digits of your Social Security number. Also, do not include a “0” when you are ask for authentication.

When submitting this form, you must include your Authentication Number, Social Security Number, and Identity Document. This information is require to verify your identity in the event of kidnapping. The contact form is available here. Once submitted, your identity must be verified by an ISG POC.


During the pre-deployment period, the Army requires its personnel to complete the ISOPREP. These forms can found on the official website. After logging in to the system, users can access the relevant information using their username and password. However, if users forget their user name and password,Click they may encounter an error.

ISOPREP cards contain pictures of the individual, demographic data, and other private information only known to the individual. These documents must be filled in correctly and thoroughly, as the information contained on the cards is confidential and will not made public. However, these documents should not filled in lightly, because it contains private information that is vital to the recovery team.


Those who serve in the military should complete an ISOPREP before embarking on a deployment to another country. ISOPREPs are valid for six months or one year, depending on the destination AOR. You can obtain an ISOPREP by following the steps outlined below. To apply, fill out the form completely. Once approved, contact the JKO help desk to receive a username and token to register for the ISOPREP system.

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