Why Choose NeatCellPen For Your Tattoo Removal?

Regret is one of the many reasons why people consider tattoo removal today. If you currently have a regretful tattoo, you have two options if you’re considering removing it. You can either decide to do it at home with a reliable laser beam product, such as NeatCellPen. Alternatively, you can decide to visit a professional service provider for laser treatment. Although both options have their strengths and weaknesses, we still recommend NeatCellPen.

In the rest of this post, we’ll explore a few reasons why using Neat Cell Pen for your laser tattoo removal needs is worth it.

Reduced melanin deposits (no side effects)

Reduced melanin deposit is one crucial factor you need to consider when choosing a tattoo removal product today. But this alone isn’t enough. In addition, you need to also check how the product helps to achieve reduced melanin deposits and if side effects are possible.

With NeatCellPen, you can easily achieve reduced melanin deposits. This product works by using ultra-short laser pulses to attack the targeted particles at a very high pressure. The laser beam further breaks these particles down into fine particles for better skin metabolism and reduced melanin deposits.

The good thing about the NeatCellPen working principle is that it doesn’t come with side effects. Unlike other treatment options, this product will leave your skin looking natural after the entire tattoo removal process. In addition, it’ll leave no scars on your skin because it doesn’t use heat.

No burning or side effects

Neat Cell is an advanced laser technology for tattoo removal that works without heat. Instead, this product uses laser beams, which will never burn or hurt your skin. As such, you can always add this product to your daily routine to remove your regretful tattoo and other blemishes in your body, such as black acne, skin tags, and mole.

Neat Cell Pen works by delivering laser pulses into your skin at a very high speed. This process helps to bombard the ink, breaking it down into fine particles that can be naturally absorbed by the body. Overall, you won’t experience any side effects and there won’t be any damage to your skin tissues.

Less expensive 

The cost-effectiveness of Neat Cell Pen is another reason why it’s worth choosing for your tattoo removal needs. Agreed, laser therapy with a reliable clinic to address moles and spider veins work. The only problem is that this treatment option is very expensive and can cost you thousands of dollars.

Instead of going for a costly treatment, why not use a more cost-effective solution like NeatCellPen? This product won’t only save you a small fortune for other projects. In addition, it’ll save you from different time-consuming sessions that come with mild & severe side effects.


In case you’re worried about your skin safety, the good news is that NeatCellPen is clinically validated for skin blemishes & tattoo removal. It’s very safe and doesn’t give any side effects.

You can visit to further understand how this Picosecond laser pen works today.

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