What is Typhlosion Hisui Smogon?

Typhlosion Hisui Smogon is a term used in the competitive Pokémon community, specifically in reference to the popular Pokémon Typhlosion. This new form of Typhlosion was introduced as part of the Gen 4 remakes, Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, released in November 2021.

Typhlosion Hisui is a unique variant of the traditional Fire-type Pokémon, with notable differences in appearance and abilities. The word “Hisui” actually translates to “jade” or “jadeite” from Japanese, which is reflected in this new form’s green color scheme.

One of the major factors that makes Typhlosion Hisui stand out from other forms is its typing. Unlike its original Fire type, this new variant has both Fire and Ground types. This gives it an advantage against Water and Electric types but makes it more vulnerable to Rock and Ground moves.

In addition to its unique typing, Typhlosion Hisui also boasts a brand-new ability: Steam Engine. When hit with a Water or Fire move, the speed stat of this Pokémon increases exponentially. It essentially transforms into a speedy powerhouse once hit by certain attacks. This ability gives players an interesting strategic element when using Typhlosion Hisui on their team.

History and Origin of Typhlosion Hisui Smogon

Typhlosion Hisui Smogon is a unique variant of the popular Pokémon Typhlosion, known for its powerful Fire-type attacks and sleek design. This special version of Typhlosion made its debut in the Japanese-only game “Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team and Red Rescue Team” released in 2005. The name “Hisui” means “jade” or “jewel” in Japanese, alluding to Typhlosion’s shiny green color which sets it apart from its regular form.

The origins of Typhlosion Hisui can be traced back to the region of Tandor, a diverse land with a rich history in Pokémon lore. According to legend, there was a great volcanic eruption in Tandor many years ago that resulted in the formation of two new regions – West Tandor and East Tandor. Each region has its own unique species of Pokémon and environments.

It is said that during this volcanic eruption, some Typhlosion were caught up in the chaos and their bodies were exposed to an unknown element that gave them their distinctive green coloration. As a result, these rare individuals became known as Typhlosion Hisui.

Another theory suggests that Typhlosion Hisui was artificially created by scientists trying to recreate the power and abilities of legendary Pokémon. They used elements from the volcanic eruption and combined it with advanced technology to create these unique creatures. However, this theory remains unconfirmed as there is no substantial evidence supporting it.

Characteristics and Abilities of Typhlosion Hisui Smogon

Typhlosion Hisui Smogon is a powerful Pokémon that combines the Fire and Dark types. Its appearance is based on the ancient Japanese god of war, which gives it a fierce and intimidating aura. This new form of Typhlosion was introduced in the Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl games but has quickly become a fan favorite due to its unique characteristics and abilities.


One of the most prominent features of Typhlosion Hisui Smogon is its striking appearance. It has orange-red fur with black stripes running down its back, similar to traditional Japanese armor. Its sharp claws, fangs, and piercing red eyes add to its intimidating look. The design of this Pokémon perfectly captures the essence of a fearless warrior from ancient Japan.

In terms of size, Typhlosion Hisui Smogon measures 5’7″ (1.7 meters) and weighs around 175 pounds (79 kilograms), making it larger than its regular form. Despite its bulkier build, this Pokémon is incredibly agile, thanks to its well-developed muscles.


As a Fire/Dark type Pokémon, Typhlosion Hisui Smogon possesses various abilities that make it an excellent addition to any team.

The first ability showcased by this Pokémon is Flame Body. Any physical contact made with Typhlosion Hisui Smogon can result in severe burns due to the intense heat radiating from its body.

Physical Appearance by Typhlosion Hisui Smogon

Typhlosion hisui is a new regional form of the popular Fire-type Pokémon, Typhlosion. It was first introduced in the upcoming game, “Pokémon Legends: Arceus”, set to be released in early 2022. This new variant of Typhlosion has quickly gained attention and sparked excitement among Pokémon fans worldwide.

Visually, Typhlosion hisui stands out with its striking color palette and unique physical features. Its body is primarily covered in a deep maroon fur that fades into a warm golden color towards its muzzle and chest. The fur around its neck is longer than the rest of its body, giving it the appearance of a mane.

One of the most notable changes in Typhlosion hisui’s appearance is its fiery mane-like tuft on top of its head. This feature gives it a regal and powerful look, fitting for this region’s Legendary Pokémon status as Guardian Deity of Fire. The flames are said to be hotter than any other Fire-type Pokémon, capable of melting boulders with ease.

Another distinctive feature of Typhlosion hisui is its white-tipped tail which resembles an arrowhead. According to legends, this tail can emit intense heat when pointed at enemies or prey as it prepares to attack. Some say that this sharp-looking tail also serves as protection against predators by using it to stab or whip them if needed.

Stats and Movesets by Typhlosion Hisui Smogon

Typhlosion Hisui is an exciting addition to the Pokemon franchise, and its new form has quickly become a fan-favorite. This powerful Fire-type Pokemon has gained popularity not just for its cool design but also for its impressive stats and movesets in competitive battles. In this section, we’ll take a closer look at Typhlosion Hisui’s stats and explore some of the most viable movesets for this flame-spewing Pokemon.


Typhlosion Hisui’s base stat total is 519, which is an improvement from its regular form’s total of 534. However, the distribution of these stats has changed significantly with a focus on special attack and speed rather than defense and HP. This makes Typhlosion Hisui more suited for fast attacks and dealing heavy damage rather than tanking hits.

Its base HP stands at 78, which may seem low compared to other fully evolved starters’ HP stats. However, when combined with Typhlosion Hisui’s high-speed stat of 109, it can easily outspeed many opponents and strike first in battle.

Another standout feature of Typhlosion Hisui is its monstrous special attack stat of 129. This gives it the potential to deal massive amounts of damage with special attacks like Flamethrower or Solar Beam.


Special Attacker Set:

Flamethrower/Fire Blast

Solar Beam/Energy Ball

Focus Blast/Thunder Punch

Hidden Power (Ice)/Focus Blast

Unique Abilities

Typhlosion Hisui has a number of unique abilities that set it apart from other Pokémon. These abilities make it a formidable opponent in battle and a valuable addition to any team.

Shell Armor: This is Typhlosion Hisui’s signature ability, which gives it protection against critical hits. This means that even if an opponent’s attack would normally result in a critical hit, Typhlosion Hisui will take the regular amount of damage instead. This makes it a great defensive option, as its HP can be preserved for longer periods of time.

Volcanic Surge: This is another exclusive ability of Typhlosion Hisui. When hit by a fire-type move, this ability allows Typhlosion Hisui to increase its own speed and special attack stats. This is particularly useful in battles against fire-type opponents or when trying to gain an edge in a matchup.

Flash Fire: In addition to its signature ability, Typhlosion Hisui also has access to the Flash Fire ability. With this ability, Typhlosion Hisui becomes immune to fire-type attacks and gains a boost in its special attack stat when hit by one. This can give Typhlosion Hisui an advantage over other fire-type Pokémon and make it a dangerous threat on the battlefield.

Competitive Usage of Typhlosion Hisui Smogon in Smogon Tiers


Typhlosion Hisui is a brand new variant of the classic Fire-type Pokémon, Typhlosion. This Pokémon was introduced in the fan-made game, Pokémon Uranium, and has quickly gained popularity among players due to its unique features and abilities. In this section, we will be discussing how competitive players are utilizing Typhlosion Hisui in Smogon tiers.

Introduction to Smogon Tiers:

Before diving into the competitive usage of Typhlosion Hisui in Smogon tiers, it is important to have an understanding of what these tiers are. Developed by the popular online community Smogon University, these tiers are a way of categorizing Pokémon based on their power level and usage in battle. The highest tier is Uber, followed by Overused (OU), Underused (UU), Rarelyused (RU), NeverUsed (NU), PU (PoorlyUsed) and Untiered (Ubers).

Competitive Usage of Typhlosion Hisui:

In the OU tier, Typhlosion Hisui has been making a splash as a strong and versatile Fire-type attacker. Its signature ability “Adaptability” doubles the damage output for moves that match its typing, giving it a significant advantage against types that are weak to Fire attacks. This makes Typhlosion Hisui a highly sought after choice for both offensive and defensive teams.

Overview of Smogon Tiers

The Pokémon competitive scene can be a daunting world to enter, with complex strategies and an ever-changing meta. To help make sense of it all, players often turn to resources such as Smogon for guidance on what Pokémon are viable in each tier and how to effectively use them. In this section, we will provide an overview of the different tiers in the Smogon metagame.

Smogon divides Pokémon into different usage tiers based on their power level, movepool, and overall effectiveness in battle. The tiers range from Uber, the most powerful tier containing legendary and pseudo-legendary Pokémon, to Untiered (or NU), which includes Pokémon that are not deemed strong enough for any other tier.

The most popular tiers used in competitive play are OU (Overused) and UU (Underused). These two tiers contain a diverse array of Pokémon that see frequent use in battles. In OU, you will find many fan-favorite Pokémon such as Typhlosion Hisui smogon and Charizard. This is because they have well-rounded stats and movepools that allow them to adapt to a variety of situations on the battlefield.

UU is considered to be more balanced than OU since it contains lower-tiered Pokémon that still have unique niches or abilities that can catch opponents off guard. For example, Gengar is an UU Pokemon but has access to moves like Shadow Ball and Focus Blast which make it a formidable opponent even against higher-tiered Pokemon.

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