What Types of Towels Make Good Car Wash Towels?

Cleaning and detailing your car is necessary to prevent the buildup of dirt and odors. Your choice of tools and materials for car washing and detailing can make a difference in achieving a spotless car. Here are the best car wash towels to use for cleaning your vehicle:

Microfiber Towels

Microfiber towels comprise a blend of polyester and polyamide fibers, which creates a soft material. The tiny fibers in microfiber towels allow them to pick dirt and water from the vehicle’s surface without scratching it. Here is why microfiber car wash towels are an excellent choice:


The microscopic fibers in microfiber towels create a larger surface area for absorption, making the towels highly absorbent. Because of their high absorbency, microfiber towels do not leave water spots when you use them to dry your car after a wash. Microfiber towels also dry quickly, eliminating the risk of mold growth and musty smells. 


The fibers in microfiber towels are densely packed, allowing them to grip and lift dirt off your car. Microfiber cloth generates a positive electrical charge that attracts dust particles, facilitating effective cleaning. The larger surface area of microfiber cloths also facilitates better cleaning as the towels can absorb more impurities in one wipe. 


Good quality microfiber towels can withstand frequent use and a large number of washes. The rigid microfiber technology used to manufacture these towels inhibits discoloration from exposure to cleaning solutions. Polyester, one of the materials used to manufacture microfiber towels, is nearly unbreakable, making the towels less susceptible to wear and tear. 

Huck Towels

Huck towels, also called surgical towels, are lint-free, purely cotton cloths. Huck towels are easy to wash and retain their softness and absorbency after multiple launderings. These towels are the preferred window towels for car washing as they are lightweight and streak-resistant. Here are the benefits of huck towels for a car wash:


Since huck towels are pure cotton, they have a natural ability to absorb water. When used to dry freshly washed windows, huck towels absorb water quickly without leaving streaks or water spots. The superior absorbency of these towels can help save time in car washing while giving quality results.


The lint-free nature of huck towels makes them suitable for car detailing applications like waxing and polishing. These towels also work well for cleaning vehicle interiors as they can reach tight spots. They allow for seamless detailing without leaving residue behind. 

Terry Towels

Terrycloth towels are crafted from loops of cotton yarn woven to create a plush, textured surface. Terrycloth towels are a great car wash option as they are inexpensive and easy to find. Here are reasons why terry towels are suitable for car washing: 


The textured surface of terry towels allows them to trap grime and dust that may be tough for a softer towel to remove. You can use a terrycloth towel to clean your tires and remove stains from your car seats and carpeting. Wax goes on easier with terry towels, making them an ideal option for hand waxing your vehicle. 


If you own a car wash, you want towel varieties that work with different cars and detailing needs. Terry cloth towels are available in different textures and sizes. You can get softer terry cloths for detailing jobs on vehicle bodies to minimize the risk of scratches. Terry towels with more textured surfaces work well for dirtier cleaning jobs. You can also buy wholesale terrycloth towels for small and large cars in various sizes. 

Factors To Consider When Buying Car Wash Towels

When selecting towels for your car wash, buy towels with a higher grams per square meter (GSM) value, as these are thicker and more absorbent. Towels with a lower GSM allow for better precision during detailing and wax application. Buy larger towels if most vehicles you service are trucks, vans, and larger cars to cover larger surfaces faster. It also helps to buy towels with seams on the edges, as these are less likely to unravel. 

Choose the Right Towels for Your Car Wash

Choose quality car wash towels to provide efficient cleaning services to your customers. The texture, absorbency, and durability of microfiber, terrycloth, and huck towels suit different car washing and detailing tasks. Consult your car wash towel supplier for recommendations on the best towels for your car wash needs. 

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