TAKUMI³ – The Guardians of Japanese Artisan Philosophy

TAKUMI³ are the guardians of Japanese artisan philosophy. They are masters of their craft. The journey to become a TAKUMI³ takes years, and sometimes decades. In order to become a TAKUMI³, you must have a deep understanding of a particular artform, and be able to recognize subtle differences among techniques. You must be willing to devote years to learn the intricacies of a craft, then pass that knowledge on to others.

TAKUMI³ Kurosawa

The character Takumi Kurosawa is the boyfriend of the protagonist of Yoigoshi-hen and the main character in its visual novel adaptation. He has a light-colored hair and a white t-shirt. He is abusive toward Yae Towada, often hurling objects at her and beating her up. Although the character isn’t shown to have a voice, his actions in the novel seem to confirm his abusive behavior.

Takumi Kurosawa oversees Nissan’s takumi team, who hand-assemble engines in super GT 300 and GT-R sports cars. He is responsible for ensuring the quality and precision of the car’s engine parts. His cleanroom has been visited by many notable guests, including Jay Leno and Lean Sensei Blackbelt candidates. His meticulous attention to detail makes him the ideal candidate for assembling engines in Nissan supercars.

Tsunemi Ooyama

The Nissan GT-R is the pinnacle of Japanese car design and is built by TAKUMI, a Japanese term for master craftsman. A TAKUMI is designated by Nissan for four employees who specialize in assembling the engines for the company’s most legendary sports cars. TAKUMIs are the highest-ranking employees at the Nissan factory, and they are responsible for many of the cars’ innovations.

The Takumi who build Nissan GT-R engines are master craftsmen who sign each engine block. They are among the only four master craftsmen in the world specializing in engine fabrication and assembly. These people part of a Japanese guild of craftsmen who have more than 100 years of combined experience in engine fabrication. Their dedication and methodical work make them the only ones qualified to work on the GT-R engine.

Izumi Shioya

The Yokohama Nissan engine factory is the home of Izumi Shioya, Takumi Kurosawa, and Tsunemi Ooyama. Each of these individuals has contributed to the creation of a Godzilla engine. The Takumi seal represents the company’s quality and onsite testing.

TAKUMI³ is a master craftsman at Nissan. Only four TAKUMI³ can put their name on the GT-R. Takumi Kurosawa leads a team of four takumi who have a combined experience of over one hundred years working in the factory. The four others are Izumi Shioya, Takumi Kurosawa’s assistant, Nobumitsu Gozu, and Tsunemi Oyama.

The company’s Yokohama engine factory recently honored four takumi with the TAKUMI title. The Yokohama factory has over 35 million engines produced over the company’s history. The company has a dedicated team of takumi who hand build the twin-turbo VR38 engine. The four employees are responsible for assembly and are highly skilled in their fields.

Nobumitsu Gozu

The people who assemble Nissan GT-R engines are known as takumi, or master craftsmen. These individuals are only the best in the business, and at Nissan’s Yokohama engine factory, there are only four master craftsmen. Of these four, Nobumitsu Gozu is the only person who can assemble the engine of a GT-R.

Nobumitsu Gozu of Yokohama engine plant was recently honored with the title of takumi. The VR38 engine is a high-performance version of Nissan’s renowned GT-R sports car, and the four takumi at the Yokohama plant were responsible for the production of the takumi engine. Nobumitsu Gozu is the third Nissan takumi, and the first to be awarded this honor.

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