Fireproof Studios’ Moncage Review

If you’re looking for a new puzzle game to play, you might want to try Moncage. Like Fireproof Studios’ The Room games, Moncage requires you to match matching pieces of tile together. Like these games, it’s beautifully crafted, with some standout optical wizardry moments. However, you’ll want to take your time to play Moncage before making up your mind. Below we’ve listed some of the best features of this game.


The game’s unique gameplay blends puzzles and narrative threads into a seamless whole. While many games have narratives to follow, Moncage’s focus is on reframing situations and opinions. The game has more than its fair share of tension, and is both relaxing and troubling. The charming art style and clever use of colour combine to create an engaging narrative. The game’s original mechanics are also an appealing aspect.

In addition to being visually impressive, the game also offers puzzles and a compelling narrative. Moncage APK features various scenes on different faces of a cube. To solve these puzzles, players must connect similar objects, rotate the cube, and find ways to connect them to create a reaction. There are plenty of ways to solve puzzles in Moncage APK, but some are more complex than others, and solving them is more of a challenge than others.


For the puzzle-game lover, Puzzles in the Moncage is a treat. It’s a game about perspective and matching tiles, and if you’ve played Fireproof Studios’ previous games, you’ll be familiar with its gorgeous art style. One standout sequence involves repositioning the cube in real time and transporting a bomb across the five sides of the cube. The game also offers a lot of visual wizardry that can be challenging.

In Moncage, players must match shapes of similar size and shape to reach a certain point. The best way to accomplish this is to pay attention to the silhouettes of the different shapes and objects in the scene. When you see a matching silhouette, you’ll be closer to solving the puzzle. As a bonus, the game supports iOS and Android devices, as well as TapTap. If you’re an iOS or Android user, you can also download the game on your phone.


The visuals in Moncage are impressive, with a great blend of subtlety and clever scene connections. The game is a puzzle with the heart of an escape game and the spirit of an object-puzzler like The Room. It blends elements of both genres to create an enjoyable experience for puzzle fans. As the title suggests, the game requires players to remain in a darkened room while using a cube to travel between different locations.

While the game’s puzzles are challenging, Moncage offers a unique perspective-shifting experience. The game features a secluded island, a decaying factory, and a mysterious cube device with different scenes displayed on each face. You must connect these scenes and find connections to advance through the game. The game is experimental in nature, derived from the shader in the Unity engine. It features an excellent combination of physics-based puzzles and 3D art.


The atmosphere in Story of the Moncage is very relaxing, despite its vague plot. You’ll encounter many father-son relationships, war, and identity issues. While the plot is explored gradually through photographs, it feels rushed and uneven at times. Despite the many World War II references, the game doesn’t place itself within a coherent time frame. And, as the game’s mechanics are unique, they make for an interesting and rewarding experience.

The game’s premise is a light-touch narrative, with puzzles that require you to find similar shapes and textures. Some of the puzzles are easy to solve, while others require you to zoom into objects to find their connection to the narrative. Moreover, the game’s highlight feature can be unhelpful at times, which complicates the game’s overall difficulty. However, the puzzles are designed well, and the story is not overwhelming.

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