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Students cannot create an account on the System of MyPromethean. However, teachers may request students to connect using ScreenShare. The MyPromethean App collects the name of the student and panel ID during this screen share session. The Student Data is not stored on the System and is purged when the screen share session is over. Students must have consent to allow Promethean to collect and use their Personal Information for the purpose of screen sharing.

Documentation in MyPromethean

A company called MyPromethean designs and develops lesson delivery software and interactive classroom displays for educators. Their goal is to reinvent the educational technology industry by creating dynamic environments and tools that inspire students. In the past, Promethean created product installation guides in Adobe InDesign, but this process was inefficient as the company expanded its export markets. Furthermore, it was proving to be too difficult to update multilingual guides. As a result, they switched to Promethean documentation.

Cookies in Promethean


You can choose not to accept cookies from the Promethean website, but if you do, this will have a significant effect on your experience on the site. However, if you do not want to accept cookies, you should not use Promethean. This website uses third-party tracking technologies to collect data on how users interact with its site. This information can be used to improve the experience on the site or provide better content.

Google Analytics: This cookie stores information about your site visitors. It creates an ID string that allows your site to identify who is visiting it and what device they are using. This cookie allows Google to track your visitor across devices and marketing channels and to analyze your site’s performance. It also allows you to see which of your subpages visitors visit most often, which helps you optimize your domain. Also, if you’re using Promethean’s free version of the web analytics service, these cookies will allow you to view statistics related to your website.

Support for Promethean

MyPromethean Support
MyPromethean Support

Extended desktop features for MyPromethean HID devices are not available by default. This is due to limitations in the operating system. This article will show you how to enable extended desktop on your Promethean HID device. There are a few scenarios that demonstrate the use of extended mode. These scenarios are not applicable to ActivPanel 1, which is not yet supported by extended desktop features. ActivManager allows you to select HID devices for interaction, such as a touch screen, in the ActivManager Control Panel.

You can also get free teaching resources for Promethean interactive displays and whiteboards. These teaching resources are useful for any educator looking to enhance their teaching practices. Promethean’s support staff can assist you with technical support issues and give you useful recommendations for using the system. However, if you are looking for a specific solution, you can contact the manufacturer or the company’s support team. The company also offers free webinars and online help for educators.

Restrictions on use of Promethean

MyPromethean Restrictions
MyPromethean Restrictions

The site contains certain information. If you have questions about these materials, please contact us. We will be glad to assist you. Please visit our FAQs for more information. Promethean is based in the United States and controls its content from offices there. Please note that while Promethean makes every effort to create a secure site, the confidentiality of communications cannot be guarantee. Promethean is not responsible for the security of information transmit through the Internet or for the consequences of reliance on such information. Please consider this when using the Promethean web site.

You agree to comply with all applicable laws and regulations when using the Site. By using this Site, you must abide by the Terms of Use and any other policies on Promethean. You must not copy, distribute, broadcast, transmit, publicly perform, create derivative works from, sell, or lease any content available through the Site. If you violate these terms, you are prohibit from using the Site or its content in any way.

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