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Everest Base Camp Trek in February 2025 /26

It is possible to trek to Everest Base Camp in February in a more comfortable and leisurely manner than in January. February marks the start of spring, a favorite hiking season, and is the second month of the year. 

In Nepal, February marks the start of the SPRING Season, which opens up opportunities for high-altitude trekking. You will experience perfect weather, the best temperature, and a generally less busy trail because it is only the beginning of spring. 

Following the severe winter months of December and January, all of the hotels and lodges open in February and are prepared to receive hikers. February is a great month to visit Everest Base Camp because of the breathtaking long-range vistas of the Himalayas.

Less snow will cover the pathways, and the lodges offer choices for lodging in some of the top rooms with views of the mountains from your hotel. You can take advantage of the cozy warmth in the dining hall, the tidy rooms, and the small number of hikers present in the dining area. 

The days continue to be sunny, and snowfall is not likely. Nonetheless, snow will still be present on the mountain and beside the trail. With their herds, the peasants who had fallen to a lower height because of the winter would begin to arrive in their neighborhood.

Everest Base Camp Trek Weather and Temperature in February

One of the best months to hike Mount Everest is February. The Nepali springtime trekking season is just getting started. In Nepal, December and January are considered the winter months due to their low temperatures. 

But February is better than January since winter is almost over, which means that February has the best weather—warmer temperatures and breathtaking views of the surrounding hills and the Himalayas. 

The Himalayas’ vast range may be explored because of the improved vision brought on by blue skies. You can observe snow on the trailside while hiking. It is unusual, nonetheless, that snow will fall.

At Everest Base Camp Trek, February temperatures typically range from 6 to 10 degrees Celsius. You will enjoy daily sunlight and comfortable daytime temperatures as you travel higher. There are magnificent views and clean skies. 

However, depending on the altitude you will be spending the night at, the temperature will likely drop to between 1 and -8 ºC. 

Therefore, if hikers choose to take the Everest Trek to the Base Camp in February, we strongly advise them to come equipped with their trekking equipment.

Accommodation and Food

Going on an Everest Base Camp trek in February will help you in many ways. First off, February marks the start of Nepal’s spring tourism season. Hikers begin to arrive for the Himalayan high-altitude treks at this time of year. 

Following the winter (December and January), hotels and lodges in the Everest Region begin to actively operate and welcome trekkers in February. 

In comparison to March, April, and May, there will be less trekkers as the season gets underway. Thus, lodging will be simple to find and offer a tidy, clean room for the night. Due to the mountain’s limited number of lodges and accommodations, reservations should be made in advance.

Professional chefs work for lodges and hotels, where they will begin preparing meals from the menu. The only source of caravans, the Yaks, descend to a lower altitude during the winter months of December and January in order to avoid the cold. As a result, the meal selection is uncommon. 

February sees an increase in the number of visitors since the weather is still somewhat better than it is in the winter. As a result, supplies are transported by Yaks, and hikers can choose from an extensive menu.

Electricity and Internet

even though the Everest Trek is a hike at a high altitude. During the walk, trekkers will stay in hotels and lodges. These hotels and lodges come fully furnished with internet access and power. 

Villages at Namche Bazaar, which is at a lower height, rely on the nearby hydropower to provide electricity. However, lodges use solar panels with a backup system to provide electricity at high altitudes. Trekkers only need to pay a minimal amount to conveniently charge their technological devices.

Everywhere has access to the internet, primarily through WiFi. However, if the weather turns cloudy, internet access may be impacted due to the higher altitude for the past two nights. On the other hand, you can enjoy Data Pack worldwide by using a local SIM card.

Best recommended Deal for Everest Base Camp Trek in February

Because the weather is at its best in February, there are several of trekking bargains available for the Everest Base Camp Trek, giving hikers plenty of options from which to select. But these depend on a person’s schedule, degree of fitness, interests, time constraints, etc. 

If a person can climb for seven hours a day and adjust to the altitude rise, they can typically reach Everest Base Camp in nine days. Alternatively, they can go to the Base Camp at a moderate pace in nine days and return to Kathmandu by helicopter on the final day.

What to Expect in the Everest Base Camp Voyage during February

March marks the start of Spring and the beginning of the Trekking season. Thus, compared to March, April, and May, there won’t be as many people on the trail. Trekkers might enjoy spending time discovering the local customs and the natural world. 

Hikers will be able to check into the lodges and motels with ease. Throughout the walk, cozy accommodations will be available to you; at lower elevations, the lodges will also provide attached restrooms.
The vista is breathtaking, and the trail is clean and well-maintained. During the hike, you will be treated to breathtaking views of the Himalayas.

During the day, the weather will be sunny and at its best. Higher altitudes will experience nighttime temperatures below -10 Degree Celsius, nevertheless. You don’t need to worry because there will be a fire chimney inside the dining hall and comfy quarters. 

Additionally, remember to pack warm clothing.

Festivals and Celebrations in Nepal during February 2024

In Nepal, home to 125 distinct ethnic groups, there are celebrations held on a monthly basis. Some are significant holidays observed across the country, some are minor holidays observed in certain locales, and some are semi-minor holidays observed in the communities where those specific populations reside. 

February is considered a significant month for celebrations as well. Three significant holidays are celebrated countrywide in February.


Sonam Losar is a significant national holiday that is also observed as a festival. The primary connection here is the celebration of the New Year, which is mostly observed by the TAMANG COMMUNITY, which is the fifth largest in Nepal. 

thus they are spread out across the entire nation. Sonam Losar, which falls on February 10, 2025, is marked with a lot of excitement and intrigue.


The religious holiday of Basanta Panchami is mostly honored by students and scholars. Goddess Saraswati is honored with this event; she is considered a goddess of wisdom. 

This day is observed as a festival of wisdom in all of Nepal’s schools, colleges, and universities. Students perform rituals there and offer prayers to the goddesses in hopes of gaining insight.
They honor the goddesses of wisdom and worship their books, texts, etc. Valentine’s Day falls on February 14, 2024, the day of this festivity.


Every country observes Prajatantra Diwas, also known as Democracy Day, as a national holiday. For citizens of Nepal, this is a very important day that is enthusiastically observed. 

A massive public campaign against the authoritarian family dictatorship of RANA RULE was initiated by civil society and the populace in the 1940s, and democracy was established in 1951. The 19th of February is therefore recognized as the momentous occasion when Nepal was proclaimed a democratic nation.

Highlights of Everest Base Camp Trek in February

The best month of the spring to Trek to Everest Base Camp is February. There won’t be as many people on this gorgeous journey. When trekking season opens, hotels and lodges begin to receive trekkers. 

With fewer hikers, you may enjoy immaculate lodging in the overnight camp together with delectable meals. Showers with hot water and internet access will be available nearly everywhere. 

At this time of year, the weather is neither extremely hot nor cold, and it may occasionally reach a maximum of -8 degrees at night. Nonetheless, the days continue to be sunny and bright with a perfect view of the Himalayas.

You can view a variety of Himalayan wild creatures, including snow leopards, during this time of year. Without snow, the trails are clear, but the mountain is still covered in snow. 

All in all, February offers frequent, magnificent flights to and from Kathmandu. For the Lukla flight, you don’t have to drive to Manthali from here, and vice versa.

Alternative/Additional Trekking Route in the Everest Region during February

You will be bestowed with numerous choices if you trek to the Everest Region. Hikers will have several choices as we say goodbye to the winter, including continuing on to the Everest Base Camp or retracing their route to other parts of the Everest Region. 

Given that the Everest Base Camp is located in the Khumbu Region—also referred to as the Everest Region—one of the well-known locations where the highest Himalayas are found. Additionally, this is the highest altitude zone. 

The Everest Base Camp Trek is one of the most well-liked hiking routes in the Everest region. There are many well-known pathways in addition to the Base Camp Trek, which is why many adventure seekers choose to trek.

Furthermore, Everest is a large area with many Himalayas, including Mount Everest, the Lakes, and the High Passes, which are options for adventurous hiking. 

You can detour onto the Everest Base Camp path to reach those locations. Here, the main thing to do is extend your trip by a few extra days. In the Everest Region, a few well-liked detours or extra hiking paths are as follows: 

Trekking to Everest Base Camp and Ama Dablam Base Camp via Gokyo Lake and Chola Pass 
Everest Base Camp with Island Peak Climbing Trek Ama Dablam Base Camp Trek Everest Three-Pass Trek Gokyo Lake and Gokyo Ri Trek.


Prepare yourself and your belongings for the Everest Trek in February, when fewer people visit and the scenery is more breathtaking. If you want to climb Everest in the spring, now is the perfect time to do so. 

Furthermore, regular flights to and from Lukla from Kathmandu will be available in February, something that is not feasible during the other spring months. 

So, experience the vast Himalayas in a more isolated setting with less crowded lodges and routes.

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