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Why Should You Consider A Cultural Tour In Daigo Today?| Goenne

When it comes to the best places worth visiting in Japan, Tokyo, and Kyoto are certainly top on the list. But many small towns are also worthy of foreign visitors’ attention. If you want to visit a serene location that is close to Tokyo but not overcrowded, we suggest a rural town named Daigo. This hidden gem, located in Ibaraki Prefecture, is less than 3 hours from Tokyo by car or by train.

We recommend a cultural immersion tour in Daigo to experience Japanese lacquering. Read on, and find out why this would become your most unforgettable journey in Japan

Learn about Urushi Lacquer Cultivation and Kintsugi Craft

If there is only one reason to visit Daigo, it would be for the rare opportunity to learn about Japanese home-grown lacquer. Exclusive access to the urushi forest and meeting with the foresters to learn Japanese best practices in urushi lacquer cultivation. 

In this cultural experience tour, you will witness Japanese artisanship in lacquer tapping and understand why home-grown Japanese lacquer is such a premium material and the pride in Japan’s lacquer industry. 

A “Drop of Urushi” is a “Drop of Blood” – What Does This Mean?

Lacquer, a natural resin extracted from the urushi tree, is an important raw material used as adhesive and finishing, hence the world-renowned Japanese lacquerware

Why do the Japanese refer to urushi lacquer as “a drop of blood”?

This phrase expresses the intense effort and meticulous care that Japanese artisans invested in cultivating the urushi tree. It is also because of the time required to cultivate the tree (10 years) and the extremely limited quantity of urushi lacquer sap that each tree can produce. When comparing a drop of lacquer to a drop of the blood of the artisan – it expresses the blood and sweat that goes into the arduous cultivation process.

Get a glimpse into the world of urushi cultivation through Goenne’s cultural experience tour in Daigo.

Hands-on Experience in Kintsugi, Maki-e Painting & Fuki-urushi, and the Basic Techniques of Lacquering.

  • Immerse yourself in the art of kintsugi—the meticulous craft of repairing pottery with lacquer and gold, through comprehensive, hands-on sessions. You’ll learn the traditional techniques and materials, gaining a deep understanding of this delicate craft.
  • Maki-e is a decorative application using urushi lacquer and pure gold or pure silver powder.  You will get to create your design and experiment with traditional materials and tools.
  • Fuki-urushi is the fundamental of the urushi application.  Learn how to protect woodware and bring out the beauty of wood surfaces.

Support Sustainable Tourism

For culture travelers, you are aware of the importance of being culturally sensitive to support socially responsible tourism. Your participation will

  • Help relieve over-tourism in Tokyo, Kyoto, and other nearby major tourist destinations in Japan by traveling deeper into the heart of rural Japan.
  • Help drive economic activities in lesser-known towns like Daigo, Ibaraki Prefecture.
  • Revitalize traditional Japanese craft by raising awareness and bringing global interests

Visit Goenne’s official website today to better understand why going on this once-in-a-lifetime tour in Daigo is worth it today.

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