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DeVry Gardens began as a small greenhouse operation in Langley, BC, but quickly expanded into a regional company, serving local residents and businesses in the Fraser Valley. Today, the company offers an expansive selection of herbs, vegetables, hanging baskets, and annuals. In 2007, DeVry expanded to the local market with the construction of a new greenhouse in Chilliwack.

18 acres of greenhouses in Picture Butte

A career with Devry Greenhouses in Picture Butte, Alberta, will reward hard work and initiative. It is a diverse work environment where no two seasons are the same,Click and a cooperative mentality is the norm. Here, you can learn a lot and make a difference for your community.

DeVry Brothers started out with a 1.2 acre greenhouse in 1989 and quickly expanded. Today, the company has 18 acres of greenhouses in Picture Butte, Alberta, and 14 acres in Langley, BC. The company is known for its poinsettias, which it grows throughout the winter months. The company also grows geraniums during the spring season.

14 acres in Chilliwack

DeVry Greenhouses Ltd. is a Canadian company that operates three facilities in the Province of B.C., including a thirteen-acre satellite operation near Langley. The company is home to over 900,000 Emerald trees and 250,000 Boxwoods. Its goal is to provide the highest quality products possible in a timely manner.

The DeVry Brothers started their greenhouse business in 1989 with a small 1.2-acre greenhouse. Today, poinsettias are still one of their specialty crops, and their business has expanded to 13 acres over the past fifteen years. They have also expanded into growing geraniums, which bloom in the spring.

60 varieties of herbs and vegetables

Devry greenhouses are known for their extensive selection of herbs and vegetables. The company was founded by Arnold and Pete DeVry’s grandfather, Mr. Dirk DeVrij. In 1949, DeVry’s son Arie joined the business. The two initially focused on growing lettuce and tomatoes during the spring season, but in 1962, Arie became the sole owner. By that time, the company had grown to 13 acres.

The DeVry greenhouses have over 60 varieties of herbs and vegetables. Hanging baskets at DeVry are supplied with a slow-release fertiliser that provides the plants with the energy and nutrients they need to flourish. In addition, the company’s Hanging Basket and Planter Committee works to monitor the performance of baskets and implement program improvements. DeVry works with several container suppliers to offer customers the best quality containers. The company also offers attractive pot designs that are sure to catch the eye of customers.

Slow release fertiliser

Fertilisers released gradually can be more beneficial to the environment than those that are released all at once. This method reduces the risk of excess fertilizer runoff, a major environmental concern. The rate at which the nutrients are released depends on factors such as soil temperature, moisture, and the activity of microbes in the soil.

Slow release fertilisers are available in several forms. There are slow-release pellets and prills made from a polymer that releases nutrients to plants over time. Both types of pellets release nutrients at different rates, depending on the temperature, moisture, and pH of the soil. They are comparatively cheaper than their quick-release counterparts.

Slow-release fertiliser is available in various forms, including organic matter and synthetic chemicals. Using a spreader, you can apply granular fertilizers to different parts of your garden, allowing you to tailor it to your specific needs. While you can apply slow-release fertiliser by hand, it is best to turn over the soil before applying it to your plants.

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