Why choose rigid boxes for the packaging of luxury items

If you are looking for good and secure packaging for your sensitive and luxury products. Then choosing a rigid packaging boxes would be the best option for both you and your product. There are many benefits and uses of these rigid boxes in many industries. Rigid boxes are also known as premium packaging because of their expense, weight and design. Many different product companies are using these rigid boxes for attractive and safe packaging. These boxes are used in the following product’s packaging. i.e.

  • Luxury products i.e., jewellery, perfumes, watches, etc.
  • Board games
  • Gifts

What’s Exactly a Rigid box and its types?

Rigid boxes are a versatile type of product packaging which uses sturdy paper-based materials with a thickness of almost 2-3 mm. And a special paper sheet (chipboard or plain board) is wrapped around it to make it look more attractive and classy. The chipboard is usually found in grey or newspaper colour design but you can choose any of your favourite colours according to your company’s needs. This rigid box packaging is also very famous as the name of set-up boxes among many peoples. These boxes provide a luxury experience to your customer through their unique opening and unboxing experience. You can also add some other options in these rigid boxes custom like:

  • Coatings
  • Laminations
  • Embossing/Debossing
  • Decorative elements
  • Hot stamping

The rigid boxes commonly come along in the style of two parts or portions i.e., Lid (top) and base (Container or bottom). The product is placed in the base perfectly and then the lids are used to cover the entire upper space or portion. You can easily find these custom rigid boxes in many different shapes and styles available in the market. Most of them come in the shapes of rectangular while some come in oval, circular and triangular shapes. Therefore, to help you choose a perfect rigid box for your product, here are some of the most common types and their uses in the following paragraphs:

Magnetic closure rigid boxes

This is the most demanding and attractive type of luxury product packaging. These rigid boxes contain two small magnets which are available on the top (lid) and bottom (base) of the box. These magnets attach to make the box firmly close by just pulling and matching the lid with the base of the box. Therefore these boxes are very easy to open and close. You can also use these magnetic closure boxes as rigid gift boxes for gifting any luxury item more stylishly.

If you want to earn the attention of a customer then you just have to place your luxury products in these boxes and display them in any store. These boxes will grab the customer’s attention once, for sure because of their eye catchy and classy design. These boxes also use the same material as rigid boxes i.e. Sturdy paper-based and special chipboard.

The magnetic closure boxes are very strong and durable therefore many people call these boxes collapsible magnetic closure boxes. As the name is obvious these boxes are very flexible and easy to collapse due to their structure. Using these boxes can also help us with low shipping expenses. These magnetic closure boxes are usually used for keeping the jewellery items like necklaces, earrings, nose rings, bracelets and many more. You can also use these boxes for displaying your different products like perfumes, other cosmetic products and many luxury items elegantly.

Drawer-style rigid boxes

These boxes are the very unique and interesting designs of rigid luxury packaging boxes. These boxes are specially designed to keep small luxury products like earrings, nose pins and many more. The special feature of these boxes is their sliding surfaces. It also contains two different box parts i.e. lid and the base. The luxury products are placed in the base which is available in a rectangular shape and then we just have to cover your luxury product with the help of a lid. The lids of these sliding boxes are very interesting and unique. These lids also come rectangular along with a blank space in the centre for the base. The base of the box slides into the lids for the proper closure of the box.

These rigid drawer boxes are also very popular among people as the name match rigid, slide or slipcase boxes. You can also add ribbons and other useful artificial elements to these boxes to make them look more stunning and striking.

Shoulder Neck Rigid Boxes

These boxes contain many layers of cardboard and have a very unique design. These layers contain many necks and shoulders on the inner side of the box. If you are offering a small luxury product like watches, then these boxes are perfect to present your product to people. Most of these boxes come along the layer of the neck which is different in shape and colour. Many different manufacturers are providing these boxes in many colours and designs. The material used in these boxes is Kraft and Cardboard.

The speciality of Rigid Boxes

Rigid boxes are four times thicker than the common folding carton, therefore they are easy to fold. Compared to the common cartons these rigid boxes are more flexible, thus safety and fitting of the product are much easier. Although it is also definite in a social survey, many people re-use these boxes for various purposes because of their sturdy structure. However, they can’t help themselves by keeping these boxes by their side. They keep their old and sensitive stuff in these boxes to keep them safe and sound. All these boxes use eco-friendly materials which are recyclable and environment friendly. The rigid boxes are trendy because of their unique design therefore keeping your luxury product in these boxes would be a very useful option in many ways. i.e.

  • Promotes your brand name
  • Keep your product safe and sound
  • Good unboxing experience
  • Easy to open and close
  • Best for gifting purposes
  • Proper fitting
  • Customization option
  • Environment friendly
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