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Ways Coronavirus Has Changed – How We Think About Brightspace Carleton.

Brightspace Carleton is a learning management system that allows students, educators, and corporate training providers to collaborate, communicate, and present content in a variety of ways. Its open-design and collaborative capabilities make it a good fit for Carleton University. The benefits of Brightspace go beyond collaboration, too. With its collaborative features, students and educators alike can create and share ideas with ease, thereby developing skills and knowledge.

Learning management system Brightspace Carleton

Carleton University was in the market for a learning management system. They wanted a tool that would provide rich analytics and visualisations for students to achieve academic success. They also needed a flexible and user-friendly system that would provide anytime learning and flexible teaching environments. The D2L Brightspace platform was a great fit for Carleton.

The former premier terminated his lobbyist registration at the end of 2012, but he is still associated with the Learning Management System. In fact, he spoke to the college’s board at a recent meeting in Algonquin to thank it for choosing Brightspace and congratulate them on their decision. He was accompanied by the senior management team of D2L.

Features Brightspace Carleton

If you’re looking for a learning management system that will provide students with the best experience, Brightspace is the right choice. This comprehensive solution provides students and educators with rich data visualization, group workspaces, and a dynamic portfolio tool. The flexible, open-architecture design of Brightspace is perfect for university settings.

Brightspace is easy to use and has a friendly interface. The site is visually appealing, with different colors and images for different groups. Brightspace also features many features, including a monthly update process without affecting the system or configurations. Users can sign in once, and then access the different services they need in one place.


Carleton University is transitioning from the learning management system known as cuLearn to Brightspace. This new system is designed for easy navigation, Click a simplified user interface, and 24-hour support. It replaces cuLearn, which Carleton has used for eight years. Instructors can start using the new system this winter.

Students at Carleton will continue to have access to recorded courses through Brightspace. In addition, they will still be able to apply for accommodations, such as disability services or a room for immune-compromised students. In addition, courses scheduled to be held in-person will remain so, unless public health guidelines or COVID-19 guidelines change. While flexibility in remote learning is a desired benefit, it has not always been possible.

The university’s campus consists of 153 acres, which is bounded by the Rideau Canal and Colonel By Drive. It is also adjacent to the Dominion Arboretum and the Central Experimental Farm. In addition, it has a number of major academic buildings.

Continuous delivery

Continuous delivery is a key part of the Brightspace Carleton learning management system, which is a cloud-based software suite used by schools, universities and businesses alike. It was created by the Canadian company D2L, which stands for Desire2Learn, which has been working with educators for 19 years to develop the software. The learning management system provides a collaborative space where students, teachers, and employers can share coursework and other files and hold online discussions.

Carleton University implemented D2L Brightspace in March of this year, replacing its previous Learning Management System (LMS) that had been in place since 2012. Carleton’s staff and faculty were looking for a LMS that would provide them with rich data visualization capabilities to promote student success. They found Brightspace to be intuitive, powerful, and able to accommodate a variety of needs. The solution also allows for anytime, anywhere learning, and flexibility for both faculty and students.

Accessibility for students with immunocompromised conditions

The Brightspace Carleton learning management system enables students and instructors to work anywhere, anytime. The system includes built-in video conferencing, collaborative workspaces, and dynamic portfolio tools. Additionally, it supports many other technology tools at the university. It is easy to access and navigate for anyone, whether at home or on the go.

Students with immunocompromised conditions can access recorded courses for free. They can also request special accommodations through the Paul Menton Centre. Otherwise, courses that are schedul in person will remain in place. This is based on current health guidelines and public health advice. Brightspace is design to accessible to all students.

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