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6 Common Issues and Tips for Healthy Teeth

Paying attention to our oral health as we age is something that we can’t brush to the side. It is mandatory and allows us to not only strengthen the teeth but also prevent risks of oral infections, gum diseases, and other complications.

Besides scheduling a regular dental checkup with the Kelowna dentist, there are a few other factors that you have to pay close attention to as well.

Ideally, addressing the common oral health issues and implementing the tips mentioned is the best way to overcome all the complexities at hand.

Tooth decay and cavities

Much like in our baby days, the risks of tooth decay and cavities also significantly increase as we age. If you want to prevent things from getting out of hand and leading to permanent decay and irreparable damage, prioritizing preventative care is crucial.

Gum disease

The risks of gum disease increase with each passing day, which means that if you want to want to prevent it from happening, you have to prioritize check-ups and proper analysis of your oral health from time to time. Symptoms like bleeding gums, bad breath, tooth loss, etc. are signs that your gums aren’t healthy and need medical intervention.

Dry mouth

With age, one of the most common oral health complications that pops up is dry mouth. It happens a lot more than you’d like to admit. Seniors who are on certain medications or have reduced saliva production often experience this issue quite often. To avoid that, prioritizing hydration, chewing gums, etc. can help with the situation.

Tooth Sensitivity

With age, teeth may become more sensitive due to receding gums and enamel erosion. If you are having similar issues, switching to toothpaste for sensitive teeth can reduce the pain and discomfort to an extent and allow you to mitigate the symptoms better.

Tooth loss

Another common issue that’s common among seniors and adults is tooth loss. Several factors contribute to the situation, including gradual wear and tear, gum disease, and decay as well. This explains why maintaining good oral hygiene and health is mandatory, irrespective of one’s age.

Oral cancer

Does age directly elevate the risks of oral cancer? Well, it depends on your habits. If you chew or smoke tobacco, the risks will be significantly high. However, that is one of the reasons why regular dental check-up is considered mandatory for senior individuals for early detection and management.

If you are worried about your oral health as you age, it makes sense that you’d want to pay close attention to the symptoms you are experiencing and prioritize prompt oral health care and hygiene without second thoughts.

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