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Downloading the Vidmate APK download install is one of the easiest ways of getting this entertainment application on your phone. One of the ways we have benefitted from advancements in technology is easy access to different forms of entertainment. You can now watch videos, music, and even play games online. All you need is a smartphone or an internet access device and different platforms where you can access this type of entertainment. Catching up with the latest music videos and movies has been made easier, thanks to various video sharing and streaming platforms. One of the most popular platforms in use at the moment is YouTube.

Over a billion users from different parts of the continent check in to this platform to watch the latest music videos, movie trailers, and other entertainment content.  There are also other platforms you can use for such. Vidmate is one of them. It is an online video player where you can listen to music and watch videos. You are also able to download music and videos using this platform. The latest Vidmate 2019 version has a variety of features that give you a different experience when using the app. Having this app on your device is essential.

You can download Vidmate for PC or the mobile app for your smartphone. What you should understand is that there is no Vidmate app download play store. Google Play Store removed it from their platform because of findings that showed the app puts users data at risk by exposing them to some suspicious behavior. It was also established that the app subscribes users to paid services secretly and also displays hidden ads. These are some of the reasons why it was scrapped off from the play store. You should not worry because you can download it from their website or different third party sources that have the APK format.

How to Download Vidmate on Your Device

Getting the Vidmate app downloaded on your device is a simple process. Here is how you should go about it.

Look for an APK Site

You should look for an excellent platform to get the Vidmate apps install download. There are so many trusted sites out there where you can get this type of files. Some of the popular APK sites include APKPure, uptodown, and APKMirror. You can also carry out some research to establish which site is the best to download such files. The next thing to do is proceed to download.


After logging in to the APK site you choose to use, type Vidmate in the search bar which is available in all APK sites. You should then conduct your search to get the results. The APK version of the app will appear on your page with the description and any other thing you may want to know. You also have the option of downloading older versions of the app on the same page. After going through the description and reviews to ensure everything is okay, you should click the ‘Download APK’ option and wait for the app to finish downloading. It will take a few minutes because it is a very small file. After downloading, you can finish up with the installation.


Installing APK files on your device requires you to change some settings. For security purposes, most devices block apps from third-party sources or sources different from the phone’s app store. You have to change your settings so that you are able to install this type of file. Go to settings, apps, security, and allow apps from unknown sources to be installed on your device. You should then look for the downloaded file and click ‘Install.’ After installation is complete, you can open it to continue enjoying its use.

Benefits of Using Vidmate

Getting the Vidmate free download on your device can benefit you in so many ways. Here are some of them.

Easy to Use

Using this app is a lot easier, which is vital for your entertainment needs. All the options to different features are indicated there, and you can search for your favorite videos or music and stream or listen to them. There is also a download option on the app that makes it possible to download videos and music you prefer watching at a later date.

Fast Downloads

Downloading videos from other platforms may prove to be quite hectic because they are slow. Vidmate is a bit different because of how it supports fast downloads. You don’t have to worry about slow internet because this app lets download all your favorite videos and music fast even with slow internet speeds. Look for the latest version of Vidmate to enjoy faster downloads.

Always Updated

Vidmate is continuously updated with the latest songs and music videos. You don’t have to wait longer for your favorite song or video to be posted on the app. They will be updated immediately they are released. This makes it easy for you to download and have the latest music and videos on your device.

It is Free

You don’t have to pay for any subscriptions to enjoy or use the app. There is also a wide range of features on this entertainment app which you can use for free. Other platforms may require you to pay to enjoy their services and access some features. It is different in Vidmate where you have everything for free. How about you download it to enjoy the benefits.

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