How to Get the Most Out of Your Beauty of Joseon Sunscreen

Due to its name, many people still believe that sunscreen is only designed to be used during the summer months. Well, the best sunscreen products are very useful regardless of the weather. You need the right SPF product, such as the Beauty of Joseon Relief Sun: Rice + Probiotics, to keep UV rays, which can penetrate the clouds, from getting absorbed by your skin.

The Beauty of Joseon sunscreen is a type of Korean skincare product that is very effective for reducing long-term and short-term damage to the skin by UV rays. However, for you to get the most out of this product, you need to understand how to use it the right way. As you read on, you’ll discover a few common mistakes people make when using their sunscreen products.

Apply the product 20 minutes before going outdoors

Are you looking to visit the beach and are wondering if you should use the Beauty of Joseon sunscreen? The straightforward answer is yes, you certainly need to apply sunscreen to prevent UV rays from penetrating your skin and causing various skin issues, such as cancer.

Sunlight tends to reflect off water, sand, and other surfaces at the beach. To reduce the damage to your skin, industry experts recommend that you should go for a sunscreen with a very high SPF rating – this explains why we recommend the Beauty of Joseon sunscreen.

One mistake people make when using their sunscreen is that they wait until they get to the beach before applying the product. You shouldn’t make this mistake, as it takes time for your body to absorb sunscreen. So, for you to get the most out of your sunscreen, ensure to apply the product at least 20 minutes before stepping out.

Apply the right amount

Many people get the first tip right but make the mistake of not being generous with the amount of sunscreen they apply. Applying too little will only give you low SPF or will not cover your skin evenly, which will not provide enough protection for your skin. To get the most out of your Beauty of Joseon sunscreen, industry experts at KBeauty Australia recommend that you smoothly apply enough sunscreen all over your face and body. One-quarter of a teaspoon is sufficient to cover your face and approximately one teaspoon for each part of your body.

Cover all important areas

When it comes to applying your Beauty of Joseon sunscreen, the most important areas to cover are the ones that are exposed to UV rays. Many people often forget to apply sunscreen to their eyelids and sadly, this particular area is very prone to skin cancer. Furthermore, you should never forget to apply the product on your lips too.

Reapplication really matters

Using your Beauty of Joseon sunscreen, especially when you’re going outdoors, shouldn’t be a one-time thing. Instead, you need to reapply the product as often as recommended if you want to get the most out of it. According to industry experts, it’s okay to reapply your sunscreen every 2 hours, especially if you’ll be swimming at the beach. Reapplication of this product is also necessary after excessive sweating.

Check the expiration date

The main benefit of using the Beauty of Joseon sunscreen is to keep your skin protected from cancer and other issues. But do you know that applying this product may also put your skin at risk? Well, this is possible if you use expired sunscreen, as its effectiveness to protect your skin diminishes drastically.

The bottom line here is that you should never forget to check the expiration date of the sunscreen product you’re using. The Beauty of Joseon sunscreen expires 12 months after opening and 3 years after its manufacturing date.

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