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The Most Popular Finish for exterior Door Hardware

The entrance of your home is the first thing people notice when they visit, and it’s a familiar spot you see every day. The right handles and finish on your door make your home look nice from the outside and set the mood for the inside.

Picking the right finish for your door handles can be tricky because there are so many options. We’ll go through everything you need to know about choosing door handles and share the different finishes you can get with Level locks. Level locks will easily match your home’s design, so you can find the finish that fits your style.

Let’s explore the most common types of door knobs and handle sets.

Dummy handle sets:

Dummy handlesets and levers are the most basic types of door handles. They don’t have locks and are used on doors you push or pull, like French doors or one side of double doors.

Passage handsets:

Next up are passage handle sets. They open by twisting and have a latch for keeping the door closed. However, they don’t have a lock. You usually find them on doors inside the house, like closets or hallways.

Privacy handsets:

Privacy handsets have a latch and can be opened by turning. The special thing about them is they have a button you can press or turn to lock the door from one side. People often use these on bedroom or bathroom doors for privacy.

Keyed entry handle sets:

For more security, there are keyed entry handlesets. They work like privacy handlesets but come with a key. You need the key to lock and unlock the door. People often use these on front or garage doors.

Keypad handlesets:

Keypad handlesets use a pin code instead of a key. You type in the code to unlock the door. These are common on exterior doors or in private rooms or offices.

Door levers: 

Door levers are easy to use – you just push them down. They’re good for people who might not have a strong grip, and they can also make your doors look nice.

Types of Door Locks

Deadbolt Lock

Deadbolt locks provide additional security to doors equipped with standard locks, offering heightened protection. Once locked from the inside, they are challenging to open.

Transforming a standard deadbolt into a smart lock is achievable with the Level Bolt. This innovative smart lock seamlessly integrates without altering your home’s aesthetic, maintaining the original appearance of your door handles. The Level Bolt enhances functionality by introducing smart features such as keyless entry and automatic locking, enhancing both convenience and security.

Hand Lever Lock

Hand lever locks have levers outside and a twistable handle inside. They are easy to open with one hand but are not as secure as deadbolts. People often use them for doors inside a house.

Barrel Bolt Lock

Barrel bolt locks, also known as sliding bolt locks, add extra security inside. One part attaches to the door frame, and the other to the door. People use these along with other locks.

Mortise Lock

Mortise locks are like hand levers but have a special cut into the door for the lock. They need special door preparation to install.

Chain Lock

Chain locks have a chain that attaches to the door frame. They let you open the door a bit to see who is there without letting them in. Visitors can only enter when the chain is released.

Handleset Lock

Handleset locks have a deadbolt and a handle with a thumb latch outside and a lock inside. They look good, making them popular for front doors.

Magnetic Lock

Magnetic locks use magnetism to keep the door closed. Electric current makes the lock stronger.

Smart Lock

Smart locks work with WiFi or Bluetooth, removing the need for a physical key. You can share access digitally through a phone app. Level locks, a type of smart lock, hide the technology inside the door, making them the smallest smart lock ever made.

What Are the Best Door Hardware Finishes?

Polished Brass Finish

Polished brass is a shiny gold finish that usually has a clear coating to keep it looking new. It’s a classic and shiny look that goes well with almost any type of house.

Satin Nickel Finish

Satin nickel has a smooth appearance that doesn’t show fingerprints or scratches easily. It’s a warm silver color that stands out, especially against dark colors like navy blue or black.

Satin Chrome Finish

Satin chrome has a modern look that goes with many styles. It’s often used in commercial places but works well in homes too. The finish gives you the shine of chrome with a smooth, soft look.

Matte Black Finish

Matte black is a stylish and trendy finish that gives a modern and bold touch to a house. It doesn’t reflect much light and is good at hiding fingerprints, keeping things looking clean and fresh.

Pair Your Favorite Finish With Level Lock

Level Lock – Touch Edition

The Level Lock – Touch Edition is the tiniest and smartest smart lock ever. You can easily get in by using your finger, tapping a key card, unlocking with your phone, using your voice, or a regular key.

Level Lock

The Level Lock adds convenience while still looking nice and keeping things secure. Just like the Touch Edition, all the smart technology is on the inside, so the outside of your door stays good-looking.

Both Level Lock and Level Lock – Touch Edition work without needing WiFi. Instead, they use Bluetooth, which is like a short-range radio wave between your smartphone and the Level lock. This means you won’t get locked out as long as you have both.

Level Bolt

If you really like your current lock, no worries! Level Bolt turns your regular lock into a smart one without changing how it looks on the outside. It has all the cool features of Level Lock but fits inside your existing lock. Your door stays the same, and you can keep using your current keys.

You’re likely to maintain the same antique brass door handles for an extended period, so it’s essential to invest time in selecting a finish that truly resonates with your preferences. Each finish in bathroom hardware, from the luster of shiny gold to the contemporary appeal of matte black, brings its distinct visual identity. Your ideal choice should align with your personal taste and style, ensuring satisfaction with the selected finish.

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