The 7 Best ChatGPT Apps To Be More Productive In 2023

ChatGPT has been a global sensation since its debut in November 2022. Developed by OpenAI, it quickly attracted over 100 million users within just two months of its launch, and the website saw 1.4 billion visits by August 2023. ChatGPT can automate mundane tasks and even help brainstorm date ideas. 

However, it does have its limitations, such as lacking real-time factual updates, no voice command capabilities, inability to create images, challenges in understanding context, and sometimes providing incomplete responses for long texts.

Despite these challenges, there are numerous ChatGPT-based apps that can meet specific needs, such as writing detailed and readable essays, managing customer support, or engaging in celebrity chats. To help you choose the best ChatGPT app from the many options available, we’ve compiled a list of the top ChatGPT apps tailored to meet various requirements.

What is a ChatGPT app?

A ChatGPT app is a software that uses artificial intelligence to mimic human thinking. It improves over time by gathering and analyzing large amounts of data, which it uses to execute tasks. Chat GPT apps can make several processes easier, such as:

· Speeding up decision-making

· Generating ideas

· Identifying patterns and trends

· Enhancing content quality

· Automating data entry

· Improving customer service

Best ChatGPT apps in 2023

Here are some paid and free ChatGPT apps with unique and powerful features that you should consider:

1. Aichatsy

Meet AiChatsy, one of the best AI chatbots available. It’s an enhanced version of the traditional chat AI apps and is a great alternative to ChatGPT. AiChatsy is packed with features that make it stand out from other apps.

Here’s what AiChatsy can do:

· Provide real-time information, generate images, and play audio.

· Use the Android app to create content anywhere, similar to ChatGPT.

· Available on both the Apple Store and Play Store.

Key Features of AiChatsy:

· Intelligent AI Chatbot: Engage in deep discussions on various topics using the latest GPT-4 technology.

· Image Generation & Recognition: Transform ideas into artwork or gain a deeper understanding of images with advanced technology.

· Revolutionary Features:

o Quick Article Summaries: Get the main points of articles quickly.

o Website Summaries: Obtain concise summaries of websites by entering their URLs.

o Ask About Images: Upload images to learn more about them.

o Search with Links: Analyze webpage content by submitting their links.

o Listen to Text: AiChatsy can read text aloud for easier information absorption.

o Voice Interaction: Speak directly to AiChatsy for a hands-free experience.

o Custom Templates: Over 30 templates for various needs like emails, business plans, and more.

o Advanced Language Tools: Assistance with grammar, rephrasing, and translations in multiple languages.

o Creative Problem Solving: Tackle different challenges with innovative AI solutions.


· AiChatsy acts like a smart companion on your mobile, using ChatGPT technology to assist you in a multitude of tasks.

· Voice Chat: Interact with AiChatsy through voice commands, making it convenient like talking to a friend.

· Versatile Knowledge: From gaming to daily organization, AiChatsy can handle various topics.

· User-Friendly: Easy to use with helpful templates and a clear design.

· Personalized Experience: AiChatsy adapts to you the more you interact, enhancing its assistance.

· Language Translate: You can translate any language, including French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Dutch, and Korean, by using Aichatsy.


· As a new app, AiChatsy is still expanding its user base, offering you a chance to influence its development.


· Free Plan: $0, completely free.

· Paid Plan: $10 per month for extra features.

Why Download AiChatsy?

· AiChatsy uses Google and NLP technologies for fast access to information, allowing you to replace carrying a laptop.

· Similar to Google Assistant or Siri, it responds to voice commands, a feature also available in the ChatGPT Android app.

· AiChatsy provides natural conversation assistance on various topics, including personal advice, without extra costs. It’s the ideal chatbot for everyday guidance.

2. SiteGPT

A business’s sustainability greatly relies on its customer support. Manual customer support in a growing business can lead to problems. SiteGPT allows you to automate your customer support while maintaining your brand’s identity and content.

SiteGPT is a ChatGPT app that lets you create personalized chatbots without needing any coding knowledge. You can set up chatbots in just three simple steps, tailored to your website’s content. These bots provide instant, accurate responses to queries and help streamline customer support.


· Ready-to-use templates

· Opt-in form generator

· Customizable quick prompts and appearances

· Ability to escalate the AI conversation to a human agent when necessary

· Access to chat history


· User-friendly

· No coding skills required for creating chatbots


· No free trial


SiteGPT offers four subscription plans:

· Essential: $19/month

· Growth: $49/month

· Pro: $99/month

· Elite: $999/month

3. is a powerful ChatGPT app designed to streamline your marketing copy efforts. It quickly creates data-rich, SEO-friendly drafts using a variety of templates for accurate responses. This tool is essential for any marketing toolkit, allowing your team to produce thousands of effective product descriptions and manage translations through a centralized dashboard. Additionally, helps in crafting content briefs, advertising and sales copy, and social media content. Features:

· Simple and precise article and prompt creation

· Content repurposing

· Product-specific email sequences

· Landing page creation

· Outreach message crafting

· Customizable templates


· Centralized dashboard for better organization

· Multilingual support for international audiences

· SOC II-compliant for data security


· Slower content generation compared to other options

· Occasional issues with content flow

· Requires thorough fact-checking

Pricing: offers a premium version for $49/month and a customizable Enterprise plan.

4. Typingmind

TypingMind is an AI platform designed to improve the user interface and functionality of ChatGPT. This platform simplifies and speeds up your ChatGPT experience by providing integrated research tools, a prompt library, and more. You can connect TypingMind to the GPT-3.5-turbo model by entering your OpenAI API key, which allows you to start processing your queries more efficiently, making the ChatGPT ecosystem more comprehensive, accurate, and user-friendly.

TypingMind Features:

· Chat folders and export options

· Chat history search

· Prompt library

· Text-to-speech capabilities


· Unlimited plug-ins

· No need for login credentials

· Ability to access previous conversations through chat history search

· Text-to-speech makes it accessible for people with disabilities


· Limited data storage

· The user experience can be overwhelming for beginners


TypingMind offers three one-time lifetime purchase plans: Standard at $39, Extended at $59, and Premium at $79.


AI image-generation tools are great for creating characters and making brainstorming fun and interactive. However, many of these tools don’t allow you to interact with the characters you create. fills this gap by letting you interact with characters based on fictional personalities and celebrities. You can develop unique personality traits, share your creations with others on the platform, and make using AI more enjoyable. also lets you choose virtual assistants to help with tasks, and it offers mini-games and customizable text-based adventures. Features:

· Create a self-introduction for your character.

· Customize your character’s personality, quirks, and appearance.

· Enjoy collaboration and role-playing features.

· Play mini-games and engage in text-based adventures.

· Participate in group chats.

· Integrates with ChatGPT.

· Option to keep characters private.


· Simple, intuitive design with fast response times.

· Provides an authentic storytelling experience.

· Delivers accurate character portrayals.

· Can be used as a creative writing assistant or language tutor.


· As the platform is still in beta, it may have bugs.

· Chatbots might repeat themselves.


· Character AI’s premium version is available for $9.99/month.

6. Genie – AI Chatbot Assistant

Genie is a special AI assistant from AppNation, powered by advanced AI technologies like GPT-3, GPT-4, and ChatGPT. It has impressed over 1 million users and offers a new way to interact, learn, and achieve your goals. You can ask Genie questions, get advice, and even show it pictures to understand. It’s available on the Google Play Store, but not yet for iPhone users.

Key Features of Genie:

· Smart Answers: Gives helpful responses using GPT technology.

· Simple App: Easy to use for anyone.

· Sees Pictures: Can understand images.

· Remembers Chats: Keeps track of your conversations.

Genie is also great for creative tasks and answering knowledge-related questions:

· Help with Writing: Assists with writing tasks.

· Answer Questions: Handles both simple and complex queries.

· Fun Chats: Good for advice or casual conversations.


· Super Easy: Easy to set up with a user-friendly design.

· Versatile: Useful for customer service, sales, and more.

· Affordable: Offers various plans to fit different budgets.

· Voice to Text: Converts spoken language into text.

· Customizable: Allows you to adjust its responses.


· Still Improving: Genie is evolving and isn’t perfect yet.

· Mistakes Happen: Sometimes it might get things wrong.

· Pays for Extras: Some features are only available in paid plans.


· Plans range from $5.99 to $69.99, with different options like weekly to annual billing.

7. Jasper

Jasper is an AI chatbot and content creation tool that’s easy to use and comes with many features. It’s built on GPT 3.5 technology, making it a great choice for both individuals and businesses.

Jasper can create high-quality content that fits your brand and style smoothly. It also offers a variety of templates for summarizing texts, generating paragraphs, and outlining blog posts.

Jasper Features:

· Supports translations in over 30 languages.

· Includes tools for team collaboration.

· Tracks content production in real-time.

· Comes with an AI art generator.

· Integrates with other tools like Zapier and Surfer SEO.


· Produces consistent content that matches your brand.

· Offers expert guidance on using AI.

· Can remember past conversations.

· Ensures content is plagiarism-free.


· Uses a slightly outdated data set.

· Costs more than some other options.


· Jasper has three monthly plans. The ‘Creator’ plan is $49/month, the ‘Teams’ plan is $129/month, and the ‘Enterprise’ plan is customizable based on your needs.

Supercharge your productivity with ChatGPT apps

ChatGPT apps are more than just a passing trend—they are here to stay. These AI tools can be a huge help whether you’re a creative person looking for inspiration or a business owner overwhelmed by customer questions. Each option available offers impressive results thanks to advanced AI features. 

For instance, Aichatsy can accurately generate images, write content, scan websites, and handle PDF and doc files. It’s affordable, user-friendly, and exceeds the capabilities of ChatGPT. Start using it today to get accurate information and enhance your documents while keeping your creative touch.

Best Chatgpt Apps FAQWhat are Chatgpt apps?

Chatgpt apps are applications that utilize Chatgpt technology to provide conversational interactions with users.

Why should I use Chatgpt apps?

Chatgpt apps can assist you in various tasks like as answering questions, providing recommendations, or engaging in casual conversations.

Are all Chatgpt apps the same?

No, different Chatgpt apps may have varying features, interfaces, and capabilities based on the developer and purpose of the application.

How do I choose the best Chatgpt app for my needs?

To select the ideal Chatgpt app, consider factors like user reviews, supported languages, integration options, and the specific tasks you need assistance with.

Can Chatgpt apps handle complex conversations?

Yes, some Chatgpt apps are designed to engage in elaborate and detailed conversations on various topics.

Are Chatgpt apps secure to use?

Most reputable Chatgpt apps implement security measures to safeguard user data and ensure privacy during interactions.

Do Chatgpt apps require an internet connection?

Yes, Chatgpt apps typically rely on an internet connection to communicate with servers and process responses in real-time.

Can Chatgpt apps learn and improve over time?

Many Chatgpt apps use machine learning algorithms to enhance their conversational abilities and adapt to user interactions for better performance.

Are there free Chatgpt apps available?

Yes, several Chatgpt apps offer free versions with limited features, while others may require a subscription for full access.

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