Enhancing Teeth Whitening Efficiency: Transforming Philips Zoom Lamp with Bleach-Infiniter Attachment


The Philips Zoom Lamp has long been a favorite in cosmetic dentistry for its effectiveness in teeth whitening. However, like any technological device, it has limitations, especially in terms of the cost and lifespan of its attachments. This is where the innovative solution, the Bleach-Infiniter attachment, comes in. It promises to revolutionize the use of Philips Zoom Lamp, making whitening procedures more affordable and efficient.

Overview of Philips Zoom Lamp

The Philips Zoom Lamp is a state-of-the-art teeth whitening device used by dentists worldwide. Its main advantage is the speed and effectiveness of whitening. However, standard attachments for the lamp require regular replacement, leading to additional costs for clinics and their clients.

How Bleach-Infiniter Works

The Bleach-Infiniter is a unique attachment designed to increase the number of whitening cycles without the need for replacement. It easily fits onto the existing Philips Zoom Lamp and optimizes the whitening process while maintaining high efficiency.

Benefits of the Modification

Using the Bleach-Infiniter significantly reduces the operational costs of clinics for teeth whitening. Besides cost savings, this modification provides a more sustainable and durable use of the device, positively impacting the environment.

Practical Application and Reviews

Many dental clinics that have implemented the Bleach-Infiniter report a significant improvement in the performance of the Philips Zoom Lamp. Dentists and patients alike are impressed by the increased efficiency and reduced costs of whitening procedures.


The application of the Bleach-Infiniter attachment for Philips Zoom Lamp opens new horizons in cosmetic dentistry. It not only makes whitening procedures more accessible but also promotes a more responsible approach to resource use and environmental care.

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Those interested in learning more about the Bleach-Infiniter and its impact on teeth whitening procedures are encouraged to visit the official Bleach-Infiniter website for detailed information and contact details to place an order.

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