EA FC 24 Precision Passing Guide

EA FC 24 Precision Passing Guide

Making the right pass in EA FC 24 is crucial. Precision passing isn’t just a fancy feature—it’s a game-changer. Defending in the game is harder than in previous iterations, so one mistake can lead to a counter-attack.

With EA FC 24’s precision passing, you can pinpoint exactly where to place the ball. Passes used to be a combination of luck and skill in the past games; it was nearly impossible to know where the ball would go after it left your player’s foot. Precision passing uses a cursor to indicate the ball’s trajectory. The new mechanic can turn you into an absolute unit by having the power to reach anywhere in the field. However, the feature has a steep learning curve you’ll need to climb first.

EA FC 24 Precision Pass Controls

There are three types of precision passes:

Pass TypeInputsDescription
Precision PassPlayStation: R1 + TriangleXbox: RB + YYou have control over the ball and how you want to pass it. It can also be used for normal passes using feet.
Precision LobPlayStation: R1 + SquareXbox: RB + XFunctions similarly to precision pass, but the pass will be through the air instead.
Swerving Precision PassPlayStation: L1 +L1 + TriangleXbox: LT + RB + YAdds a curve to the pass and makes it possible to bypass defenders.

The process begins with the game identifying the pass you want to make. Once you have your target, press the respective buttons. A white cursor will then appear, allowing you to aim your pass using the left joystick.

The precision pass is best used to send players into a space where they can do what they’re best at. Meanwhile, the precision lob is best utilized to nail down crossfield passes to the right player or go over the defense. It can also be used for more accurate crossing if the attacking team has the advantage. Lastly, the swerving precision pass is best used in the half spaces or from the wing. That way, you can get the curve right to evade the defenders while getting the strikers behind for a shot.

Why Precision Passing is Important

Precision passing is the meta in EA FC 24 because it gives you unparalleled control over your passes. Sure, you have the best players FC coins can buy in your FC account, but none of that matters if you can’t pass the ball properly. The game’s AI can redirect regular passes, while precision passes go exactly where you aim them, meaning you can exploit otherwise unreachable spaces.

There are multiple ways to use precision passing to your advantage. For starters, you can manipulate player runs. To do this, instruct a player to make a directed run with L1/LB and flick the right joystick in your desired direction. Use precision passing to send the ball where you aimed. This lets you change a player’s direction at the last second, catching the defenders off guard.

Precision passes are also excellent for transferring the ball from one end of the field to another. You can use this technique to bypass opponents and exploit wide spaces, creating opportunities for your attackers to charge in. We highly advise using attackers with the highest ratings in your FC account for this scenario. If you don’t have any highly rated players, you have the option to buy FC coins in third-party online marketplaces and get attackers from there.

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