Caller Tune & Free Data in Airtel

Do you use an Airtel SIM card on your mobile phone? Did you know you could set cool songs? Anyone who calls you will hear a caller tune playing until you pick up instead of boring beeps. Even better, activating caller tunes is totally free if your Airtel plan has unlimited calling. So, if you also want to set an interesting caller tune but are not aware ofhow to set the hello tune in Airtel? Well, don’t worry we have got you covered with the different steps of setting the caller tune. Let’s dive in! This article also mentions How to get free data in Airtel

What is a Caller Tune?

A caller tune plays instead of your phone’s regular ringing when someone calls you. So your friends and family will hear a nice song or tune instead of boring beeps while they wait for you to answer! 

You can set popular songs, melodies, and instrumentals as Airtel caller tunes. How awesome is that? It shows your style and music choice to callers before you even pick up!

How to Find and Set Caller Tunes 

Follow these steps to set a caller tune on your Airtel number:

Step 1: Install the Wynk Music app on your phone (available on the App Store and Play Store).

Step 2: Enter your Airtel mobile number and OTP received. This links it to your account. 

Step 3: Tap on the “Airtel Hello Tunes” icon inside the app, which is visible in the top right corner.

Step 4: Browse your preferred songs and select your favorite one to set as caller tune.

Step 5: Tap “Activate for Free” to make it your live caller tune.

Once set, everyone calling you will hear this tune play until you receive it!

What type of  songs and tunes you should choose

Be creative in choosing caller tunes:

  • Set your favorite Hindi, English or any song as the caller tune!
  • Use instrumental soundtracks if you like music without words
  • Try fun Bollywood numbers for a vibrant tune 
  • Change as per festivals – Christmas jingle in December!

Make sure to pick a tune you enjoy listening to as you and callers hear it often whenever your Airtel phone rings! 

How to Disable Caller Tunes

To switch back to the default ringer:

  • Open the Wynk Music app > Go to Menu (top left)  > Manage Hello Tunes
  • Next to the current caller tune, tap 3 dot menu > Stop Hello Tune > Confirm by tapping Done!

Now normal ringtone will play when someone calls. You can always set a new caller tune later!

And there you have it – setting up caller tunes on your Airtel phone is quick and simple! All you need is the Wynk Music app to pick songs and activate them to play for callers instead of boring ringing tones. Hope this above-mentioned guide helped you to know how to easily set caller tunes on your Airtel mobile number. Now, you can surprise your callers with a new song whenever you want! So that’s how you easily activate nice caller tunes on your Airtel number. It’s fun to update songs whenever you like. Which tune will you set next?

Exciting Ways to Get Free Data on Your Airtel SIM Card

We all love using mobile internet – watching videos, playing games and chatting with friends. But data packs can be expensive! Did you know your Airtel SIM card offers some great hacks to get free data every month? Well, if you didn’t, no worries. Be with us till the end to learn all about how to get free data in Airtel. Have a look! 


What Does Free Data Mean?

Free data means an extra high-speed internet balance added to your Airtel number for free! You can browse, stream and download without paying even a fortune for this data. It’s a super useful way to save money if you run short of data balance often.

Hacks That Give You Free Data  

Here are the top methods to get free data coupons on your Airtel prepaid and postpaid numbers:

1. Go Daily App (Up to 2GB Free Data)

This is a fun app to earn talk time and data recharges for free. All you need is: 

– Download the app from the Play Store

– Enter your number and referral code if you have one

– Complete easy tasks like surveys and games daily

– Redeem coins earned to get data coupons 

It’s an easy way to top up data balance from your phone. Who doesn’t love free coupons?

2. Send “SURPRISE” to 121 (Get 60GB Free Data)  

Airtel postpaid users have an amazing data coupon through this. Just: 

– Open Messages and text SURPRISE to 121

– Get free data worth ₹1200 instantly credited 

You can use this data for the next 6 months before it expires!

3. Call 5999555 from Your Airtel Number 

Prepaid users can dial this toll-free number to activate one of the free data coupons from Airtel. Make sure you call from your Airtel SIM card as soon as the call disconnects; 10GB of high-speed data gets added instantly!

4. Missed Call to 51111 (10GB Free Data)

Similar to the above method, give a missed call to 51111 from your prepaid number. Within seconds, enjoy 10GB of free data in your account!

5. Connect to Airtel WiFi 

If you have an unlimited Airtel plan, connecting to Airtel’s public WiFi spots gets 1GB of free data added when needed! Keep an eye on data usage as you browse, and it kicks in when you’ve used the limit.


Hope you like the ways of getting free data on your Airtel sim card. Getting free data on your Airtel number is really easy and fun! You just need to use some simple tricks. These hacks can give you up to 60GB of free data every month. The best part is you don’t have to pay anything or do very difficult tasks to get this data. Whether you have a prepaid or postpaid Airtel SIM card, you can use these methods. More data means you can watch YouTube videos, chat with friends, play online games, and browse the internet without worrying about your data balance getting over.

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