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Best Discountable Academic Offers in UAE

Are you bothering with the expenses on daily needs commodities? We understand, that studying in a different country like UAE is expensive for many students. There are several options available for students to manage extra expenses in UAE. Most students do part-time jobs while many universities offer scholarships to provide financial assistance to students. Luckily, some discounts are available for students in the UAE that help them to save money and let them get advantages on different services. You can get lucrative discounts on some services in Emirates created for students. This helps them to get the things or services at a lost cost such as dining, travel, library, entertainment, etc. 

As a scholar, you may need expert guidance for your subject or academic task. Many writing services offer assignment help at low prices while many others offer discounts on services. This helps you to get their support easily.  

In this blog, we dive into the important services that are discountable for students in the UAE.   

Discount on Tuition Fees 

There are many universities situated in the UAE. There are also many branch institutions of international universities offering education in different courses or programs. Students can access several opportunities to elevate their learning. Many universities in the UAE offer waivers on application fees and tuition fees. The discounts are generally levied on the first year of the academic program. The discount can be availed on different academic programs such as IT, management, computer science, pharmacy, and business administration. The UAE government also offers scholarships to students to provide them with financial assistance.  

Discount on Training Program 

Many private institutions offer multiple training programs and short courses including programming, coding, personality development, technical skills, etc. These courses help students to sharpen their skills and broaden their horizons. The purpose of such programs is to train students according to the industry’s needs. Learning these skilled-based courses gives them preference in job and explore better career options. Many institutions offer 5-20% discounts on such short-term courses and training programs. 

Discount on Learning English or Other Language Program 

When studying in the UAE, you should have proficiency in the English language. The course curriculum at international universities in UAE is available in English language. Many private colleges or universities execute the educational process in Arabic or regional language. Most students from non-English backgrounds face challenges in comprehending the lectures and study material. Helping those students in breaking the barrier of the English language, many institutions offer language courses in English and various other languages. The institutions also offer up to 50% off on course fees helping students to easily avail of language courses to improve their proficiency and language skills.     

Travel Discount 

RTA Dubai offers a special discount to registered students of school, college, or university for travel. Students can sign up for an NOL card through a website or app to get a 50% cut down on the price of travel. Students between the ages of 5 to 23 are eligible to get this advantage. The validity of this card is for one year. This helps you to save money on travel by bus, metro, and tram. While signing up for NOL provide essential documents including a passport-size photo, identity proof, and proof of student’s status.  

Shopping Discounts for Students 

Many shopping apps like AURA MENA, SHARE, etc. offer lucrative discounts or cash vouchers for shopping. You can collect points or rewards to get a reduction in money on your orders. Apart from the shopping, you can get price relaxation on entertainment. 

Discount On Academic Writing Assistance

 Students in UAE universities or colleges are given frequent academic tasks such as homework, essays, etc. Most students often seek professional assistance due to a lack of time, knowledge, skills, etc. The writing services offer students access to the assignment helper for their academic writing tasks. The service provides attractive discounts on availing of professional writing assistance. It helps students to get excellent support in completing academic papers with diverse features at a low cost. This enables them to achieve excellent scores in academic papers and maximize the productivity of work. 


many companies or agencies offer discounts to students across the UAE for a variety of services and commodities from education to daily needs as mentioned above. This helps students to enjoy their academic life and save money for other needs.  

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