Wireless CarPlay Screen: Your BMW Only Has Wired CarPlay? Here’s How To Make It Work Wirelessly

It’s not uncommon for new vehicles to offer support for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. With this support, you can seamlessly connect your Android phone or iPhone to your BMW CarPlay screen. By connecting to the big screen, you’ll be able to control many things, such as messaging, music, and navigation.

Not all vehicles are created the same way today. Some are only designed to support wired CarPlay. Some others can offer support for wireless CarPlay. If your BMW only has wired connection and you wish to go wireless, this post is all you need to DIY. As you read on, you’ll discover how to use a wireless CarPlay screen with your BMW.

Why is the CarPlay wireless feature missing from your vehicle?

You may be wondering – why exactly is the CarPlay wireless feature missing from your vehicle. Well, there are a couple of reasons why this is possible with your BMW. One of them is that a simple Bluetooth connection doesn’t always work with Android Auto and BMW CarPlay screen. To make this possible, Bluetooth needs extra bandwidth of in-car WiFi to handle the demands of these systems.

Instead of going through the stress, another alternative option to go wireless is by using a reliable wireless CarPlay adapter.

Here’s how wireless CarPlay adapter dongles works

As earlier mentioned, a wireless Android CarPlay AI box adapter dongle is a type of device that you need to go wireless with your BMW CarPlay screen. With this device, all you need is to connect via USB to your vehicle’s stereo system. Sometimes, this connection is also possible with Bluetooth.

By successfully connecting the wireless CarPlay adapter dongle, you’ll be able to control various functions from the big screen. Some of the things you can control include massaging, navigation, and music.

● First, your vehicle needs to possess wired CarPlay.

● Shop online on CARabc to find a suitable wireless CarPlay adapter for your BMW.

● As soon as you find the right dongle, plug it directly into your vehicle’s USB port.

● Next, initiate a wireless connection. The dongle will assist in translating the wireless connection with your Android phone or iPhone to the wired connection of your BMW. The entire translation process shouldn’t take up to 60 seconds.

How to find a suitable wireless CarPlay adapter dongle for BMW

Pay attention to the following factors when shopping online for the best wireless adapter dongle for BMW CarPlay:

● First, you need to ensure that the adapter is compatible with your vehicle’s year and model. You’ll only get the best results when you choose a compatible adapter dongle.

● As earlier mentioned, the best adapter dongle can support both USB and wireless connectivity. For seamless integration with your iDrive system, we advise you choose a product that offers support for wireless connectivity, such as Bluetooth or WiFi.

● You need to choose a reputable brand when buying a dongle. This is the only way you can rest assured of high quality performance with the device.

● Does the wireless CarPlay adapter dongle offer support for high-quality audio streaming? You should get an answer to this question before settling for a wireless dongle for your BMW.

Need help finding a suitable wireless CarPlay adapter dongle? If yes, you can try this CARabc H3 AI Box Wireless CarPlay adapter.

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