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The Weeloy Backoffice lets you manage your online orders and build multiple menus with a single system. This fully responsive system allows your customers to place orders using a web browser or mobile device. With Weeloy, you can customize menu items, modifiers, and pricing. This program can also manage multiple menus and provide your customers with an easier time ordering. It is easy to create multiple menus for your business.


Weeloy offers an easy-to-use backoffice that allows for the creation and maintenance of multiple menus. The platform is fully responsive, allowing customers to place orders from mobile devices and web browsers. The system provides a full range of customization options including menu items, modifiers, and pricing. For added flexibility, Weeloy Backoffice allows you to create multiple menus at once.


The Weeloy Backoffice integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks online, providing businesses with an easy way to synchronize income and expenses. The integration eliminates half of the data entry process and manual errors. This software also provides integration with payment gateways, including PayPal and Red Dot, and offers the highest security standards. In addition, Weeloy allows users to build multiple menus in one location.


Weeloy is a high-tech e-marketing company that targets food and beverage outlets. It has developed an e-distribution channel for participating restaurants, and enables its members to get dining privileges at these restaurants. This performance-based loyalty program helps restaurants lower their acquisition costs while improving their customer value proposition. Its pricing model is also very competitive. It can be used to set multiple menus.

In this position, you will be responsible for successfully implementing Weeloy dining software. Your project will be to implement the customer page on the Weeloy website, as well as the back office system. You will also work closely with internal teams, collaborating with developers, and communicating customer needs to the development team. You’ll be able to work closely with both internal and external teams, helping to ensure that your restaurant is using the best software possible.


The best Weeloy alternatives aren’t always free. This article from SourceForge ranks the best Weeloy alternatives and gives you an idea of what these alternatives have to offer. If you’re looking for a new backoffice for your website or software application, you can use this resource to compare the best alternatives. We’ve also included a comparison chart to help you determine which service is best for your needs.

Weeloy is a Singapore-based startup that offers data analytics and software for the food industry. Recently, the company announced that it had raised S$3.8 million from FirstFlow Capital for product development and expanding its user base. Currently operating in Thailand and Singapore, the company plans to expand to other regions in Southeast Asia. Weeloy’s backoffice solution enables restaurants to manage customer data, table reservations, advertising, social media, and more.

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