Top 5 Must-have Cubing Accessories Worth Buying From TheCubicle Today

Today, TheCubicle is one of the leading stores when it comes to buying the best speedcubing products. This cubing store also sells high-quality, affordable, and durable cubing accessories. These accessories are very important for cubers to improve their cube’s performance and enhance their overall speedcubing experience.

With cubing accessories available in several different types, you need to understand how to choose the most essential ones for yourself. In the rest of this post, we’ll discuss the top 8 cubing accessories worth buying from The Cubicle, including their importance for cubers.

1. Lubricants

With lubricants, you can easily improve the speed at which your cubes turn when solving a problem. Lubricants work by reducing friction and allowing you to turn the cubes easily and as quickly as possible. That’s not all; lubricants also help to improve the feel of a puzzle and lower internal spring noise.

Today, lubricants are available at The Cubicle in different sizes and types. When buying suitable lube products, we advise that you factor in the viscosity level, compatibility, mode of application, and price. Even with these factors, if you still struggle to identify the right lubricant for your cube, we recommend buying the cosmic lube.

2. Timers and mats

Agreed, timers and mats aren’t the most essential accessories for all cubers today. This means you can be a number and not necessarily need timers and mats. However, if you’re the type that competes on different levels, you’ll certainly find these tools helpful to keep track of your solving times.

With timers, you can easily keep track of your progress and challenge yourself over and over again until you improve in terms of speed. Mats, on the other hand, are crucial for keeping your cubes protected. They also provide you with a consistent surface for solving puzzles, lowering noise and preventing slippage, especially during solves.

3. Keychains for cubes

Keychains are certainly important for cubes who love carrying their cubing products around. The Cubicle sells some of the best and most affordable keychains today. You can attach these keychains to your cubes to make it a lot easier to move them around. Besides, keychains help to prevent losing your cubes unknowingly.

Bottom line, as a cuber that loves to solve on the go, you certainly need keychains to protect your cubes when carrying them around.

4. Cube display stands

Cube display stands are certainly essential for cubers, especially those that’d love to showcase their collections in a more organized manner. Apart from helping to organize your cubes, display stands are also designed to protect them from scratches.

TheCubicle sells some of the best display stands at affordable rates today. When choosing suitable products, you need to factor in different things, including the type of materials used, size & compatibility, stability, versatility, and design. By factoring in these things, you’ll be able to choose a display stand that suits your cubing needs and preferences.

5. Cube bags

Dust, scratches, and damage are some of the factors that impact the performance of cubes today. When traveling from one place to another, these factors can easily affect your cubes if care isn’t taken. To keep the cubes protected from dust and the other aforementioned factors, you can always store them in a suitable cube bag or backpack.

You can visit The Cubicle today to find the best and most affordable cube bags.

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