The Most Effective Cricket Betting Strategy 2023

Cricket betting is similar to playing sports — you think that you do not know anything until you bat the ball for the first time. However, experienced bettors understand that a strategy is required in order to transform their wagers into profits. This is especially true when it comes to cricket betting. Are you new to the business? No worries — let’s go over the various cricket betting tactics and explain how they can be applied to transform excitement into profit.

#1 — Dogon Betting 

The first on our list is the Dogon Betting Strategy, which is a purely mathematical betting approach. This strategy is the most popular among newcomers to 1xbet sport betting. The Dogon Betting Strategy is a “rates” technique that involves raising the quantity of bets to offset all prior losses. The amount at stake should be higher after each loss until all prior bets have been recovered, as well as the scheduled payments, have been met. This is a basic mathematical approach that can provide some short-term profit, but it can lead to bankruptcy if used too frequently.

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Here’s how it works: you bet $100 on a certain cricket match and lose it. The next time you bet $200, you lose it all. However, the third time, you bet $400, hoping to recoup all of your prior losses and turn a profit. To make this happen, the outcome you pick must have odds greater than 2,5 or 5/4 in order to cover all of the money you lost in the prior two bets as well as claim the intended gains. 

#2 — Flat Betting

Another common online cricket batting strategy is flat betting. It also requires a mathematical approach, implying that you will employ “flat bets,” or that each of your bets will be equal to the same amount or percentage. Cricket bettors typically use this approach by setting a portion of their bankroll for each stake. You may profit on cricket matches by employing one of numerous flat betting strategies:

  • Static flat bets — 1-2% of your bankroll; 
  • Academic flat bets — 3-5% of your bankroll; 
  • Aggressive flat bets — 6-10% of your bankroll; 
  • Chaotic flat bets — 10% of your bankroll or more.

Most cricket bettors classify academic flat bets as the most effective ones since 3% bets may be placed on games or outcomes with larger risks, while 5% bets can be made on more apparent ones. Thus, you can count on reasonable gains while dramatically lowering the chance of losing all of your bets. The flat betting approach is ideal for limiting risks while still allowing for modest betting errors. So if you’re a beginner, flat bets are a great way to learn how to win cricket bets.

#3 — The “Percentage of Bank” Strategy

This is probably the most enticing cricket betting strategy that will work for both seasoned and inexperienced bettors. This bankroll-focused approach limits losses from uncertain cricket bets. The “Percentage of Bank” Strategy is similar to the others — it requires a specific bet percentage of the total deposit. 

For example, you may deposit $1,500 at an online casino and then designate that each of your wagers is worth 7% of the investment. So if you are at the beginning of your cricket betting journey and are not ready to put all your money at stake, then this is the tactic to stick to. Manage your bankroll wisely and balance your bets not to lose your money in one go but have a real chance to double (or even triple) your profits.

#4 — Martingale Strategy

The Martingale cricket betting strategy involves raising your wager after each loss, which is very similar to Dogon Betting. However, there are some distinguishing details to be aware of. 

If you lose your wager, your next bet should be twice as big. If you win the bet, the following one should be equivalent to the winning one. 

The math behind it is very basic: select cricket matches with odds greater than 2.0 since you’ve staked twice as much and need to win twice as much. Here is an example of the match between Pakistan and Australia showcasing how the Martingale Strategy works:

  • 1st Bet — Australia to win (2.5): $10; 
  • 2nd Bet — A draw (3,5): $20; 
  • 3rd Bet — A tie (6.0): $60; 
  • 4th Bet — Pakistan to win (2.5): $180.

And now suppose you’ve lost the first three bets but won the fourth. As a result, you’ll claim $270 in net gains because you’ve recovered your losses plus doubled your previous bet. The Martingale cricket betting strategy is by far most commonly used with “over/under” bets. But if you have enough expertise, you may attempt any player bets or other proposition bets.

What to Choose?

There are no good or bad strategies for cricket betting. It all depends on the match, the odds, your knowledge of the event, and your bankroll. But no matter what strategy you choose, we strongly recommend that you do not put all your money at stake.

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