Path of Exile’s Stellar 3.23 Expansion Aims for December, with PoE 2 Revelations Looming!

Die-hard Path of Exile aficionados have every reason to be on tenterhooks. Grinding Gear Games, the vanguard studio behind this epic game, has not only spilled the beans on the impending 3.23 expansion’s timeline but has also tantalizingly teased fresh insights about Path of Exile 2. As the world of PoE currency and PoE trading evolves, what can players expect from this anticipated update?

Setting the Stage: The 3.23 Expansion

Destined to be monumental, the upcoming expansion will make its grand debut in early December. Although a late November release was initially on the cards, the audacious vision for 3.23 necessitates a few additional weeks of perfection. In the dynamic cosmos of gaming, where the mundane frequently takes refuge in obscurity, this studio’s ambition emerges as a luminous testament to ceaseless innovation. Every pause, every recalibration, is but a fierce proclamation of their unwavering devotion to crafting a gaming odyssey that is nothing short of legendary.

The Ancestral Pause: End-of-League Events

This recalibration to December means the ongoing Ancestor League receives a bonus extension. But that’s not all – come November, players can look forward to a tantalizing trilogy of in-game events, each spanning roughly a week. Eager enthusiasts should remain poised for detailed revelations, promised within a fortnight.

On the Horizon: Path of Exile 2

The murmurings around Path of Exile 2 have been nothing short of electric. As we march towards its closed beta in June, the game’s aficionados can expect a deluge of updates. The pièce de résistance? A dedicated showcase slated for the 3.23 announcement livestream in late November. Amid the cacophony of gaming gatherings, this event rises as more than just a mere beacon of knowledge. It’s a daring quest update, beckoning attendees to journey through the electrifying frontier of digital craftsmanship’s future.

A Collector’s Delight: Core Supporter Packs

As the adage goes, “Out with the old, in with the new!” The upcoming 3.23 announcement heralds the arrival of the next wave of Core Supporter Packs. This imminent unveiling means that the current packs are on the brink of their final curtain call. Those harboring dreams of soaring over Wraeclast or adding their personalized touch to the Voidborn Reliquary Key have their window narrowing. A simple press of ‘M’ in-game will provide an opulent showcase.


While the 3.23 expansion might demand a pinch more patience than anticipated, the imminent showcase promises to be a cornucopia of revelations. Not only will it unveil the intricacies of the 3.23 expansion, but it will also grant a renewed glimpse into the universe of Path of Exile 2 – now a magnificent standalone title. As the landscape of PoE currency and PoE trading continues to flourish, the forthcoming months beckon with unmatched exhilaration and promise.

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