How to Use Technology to Advance Your Career in Education?

Modern technology is being put to use in almost every aspect of life on this planet and beyond. The scope of applying these emerging technologies seems practically limitless. It’s not surprising, then, that using technology can help to advance your career within the field of education. Whether you are considering this new path or have been working in education for some time now, there are always methods to improve your position and make a career in education all the more enjoyable.

Connect with Other Educators

Having a network of fellow educators at your disposal is an excellent resource, no matter if you are new to the field or comparatively senior. The insights and perspectives of those sharing your vocation can contribute to your own confidence in teaching. Learning is a dynamic process, and being able to interact with people who have similar experiences will provide you with endless sources of support, reference, and inspiration. Technology can ease the process by helping to connect you not only to your local educators but to people all over the world. Take a look at these tips for how to network effectively using digital technology.

  • Research a variety of relevant platforms. You never know what could be out there if you don’t go hunting for it. There may be platforms dedicated to educators that suit your needs; use specific search terms to find the most accurate and helpful results.
  • Engage people through social media. Different social media platforms can offer the chance to strike up a conversation with like-minded educators. Join groups and contribute to discussions, and eventually, you will make some meaningful connections with other people. Create a profile that is clear, honest, and appropriate. Beware that if you have an online presence, it is very likely that your students will find it even if you enable the strictest privacy settings.
  • Know your video call etiquette. If you want to connect with others in the education sector using video call technology, make sure you are aware of how to make the whole process go smoothly. Find good lighting, make sure you have an appropriate background, test your microphone and webcam prior to any calls, and mute yourself when you aren’t speaking. Although video call technology has come a very long way in a short space of time, there can still be delays and errors. You can mitigate these by following good etiquette.

Understand Young People Better

Another reason to take advantage of technology to enhance your skills as an educator and advance your career is to connect better with young people. Whether you teach young children or young adults, many of them will be far more confident using digital technology than older generations. New apps, software, and websites are released every day, so it can feel overwhelming to keep abreast of everything your students might be engaged with online. Staying up to date can help to protect younger students from the dangers of using the internet. When educators are more engaged with what their students are experiencing, they can offer more tailored and effective support. This can lead to career advancement by proving that you are a compassionate and dedicated teacher.

Find Interesting Opportunities

If you aren’t being fulfilled by your current circumstances, whether that’s a role you don’t enjoy or you’re confused as to which career path to choose, then using the internet to seek out exciting opportunities can make a world of difference. Instead of relying upon word-of-mouth and hearing about opportunities from a friend, you can take a more proactive approach and seize your future. Apply for an online masters degree in education and advance your career from home, or sign up for alerts for specific types of positions when they become available. The world truly is at your fingertips when you start making full use of the internet.

Research to Increase Your Knowledge

If you are already part of an institution that has an affiliation with a library, you can probably find a way to access online research materials through a personal login. The books and papers available through these databases are not public, so make the most of your privileged access to them while you can. Deepen your knowledge in subjects that interest you to create a more well-rounded perspective that you can bring forward in your education career. Even if you aren’t precisely reading about child psychology or behavior management, whatever you do choose to read will undoubtedly have an impact on your worldview and, therefore, your approach to teaching.

Use Teaching Technology

If you search for teaching technologies, you will find a wealth of creative and innovative software and apps available for teachers to enhance their lessons. Some are designed to make it easier to engage remote students, while others simplify the process of grading homework. If students don’t have their own digital devices with which to access these apps, schools and other institutions often have programs where students can borrow or rent the necessary equipment during the semester.

Offer Your Services Digitally

If you want to use your qualifications in education for a more flexible type of role, you should consider going freelance as an online tutor. Offering your educational services through bespoke courses can be a reliable income stream and a way of passing knowledge to the next generation. By using technology, you can bypass the need for commuting to your student’s home or hosting them in yours. You can choose your hours and how much each lesson will cost. The disadvantage freelance tutoring has compared to traditional teaching, however, is the reduced job security.

Develop Your Adaptability

The more adaptable you are, the better an educator you will become. You must be able to approach problems flexibly and curiously to advance your career in this field. 

Technology is an excellent way to help you achieve this since it is constantly changing and evolving. By keeping up with the latest developments, you demonstrate a willingness to learn, an essential part of becoming the ideal educator.

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