Face Detection Online: A Robust Identity Verification Tool

Face detection online is an AI based technology that helps systems to find out and recognize human faces within a digital image or video or real time. It confirms the presence of the human face in the image or video irrespective of the fact of who this person is. It is  mostly used for surveillance and tracking purposes that’s why it’s also an essential part of biometric checks, law enforcement and social media.

Identity Verification: A Quick Review

Increased number of frauds and forgeries in the digital world needs an efficient process to verify the identities of users. Identity Verification is the process of comparing an individual’s claimed identification with the supporting information they have. In other words, it evaluates identification papers and supporting documentation to verify its authenticity and establish that the person claiming to be the owner is who they say they are.

Identity Verification Process

Identity Verification process is used to improve the security of transactions,offering a customized user experience and ensuring the safety of digital places.The process includes following methods.

Authentication Based on Knowledge

Knowledge-based authentication (KBA) uses security questions that are asked to the customers to  confirm their identification. Generally speaking, these questions are easy for that individual to answer yet challenging for another person to answer, e.g  “what was your favorite subject?” A time limit is given to  increase the Security for KBA i.e the user has to answer the questions in a certain amount of time. 

Two-factor or Multi-Factor Authentication

Two factor Authentication is another most common method for identity verification. It requires the customer to enter a code sent to their email or mobile phone..This verification method is  simple for consumers to understand and apply. Using 2FA or MFA, a consumer’s email address and phone number can easily be verified. This is important  to make sure that the customer did not type in their data incorrectly.

Authentication Based on Credit Bureaus

Using a credit bureau-based authentication approach, identity verification is done using information from one or more credit bureaus. These businesses keep many credit data on their customers, including social security numbers, names, and addresses. In credit-based authentication,  user experience is not to be compromised, and a score is used to create a definite match.

Database Techniques

Database ID techniques validate an individual’s identity card by utilizing information from multiple sources.The main drawback of this approach is that they do not ensure that the person providing the information is the person conducting the transaction.

Online Verification

Online verification makes use of artificial intelligence, computer vision, and human review methods to confirm whether a government-issued identification belongs to the user or not. To ensure that the person on the ID is the same person holding the ID, users using this verification method are usually required to provide a picture of themselves holding an ID. 

Biometric Checks

Biometrics face ID Check can be used to validate a person’s identity and verify their physical attributes. Face detection, voice recognition, iris and retina scanning, and fingerprinting are examples of biometric technology. After the first setup, these approaches provide a high degree of simplicity for clients because they do not require passwords.

How Face Detection Online Helps Identity Verification  

The process of recognizing or authenticating a person’s identification using their face is known as face detection online. It captures, records, and then analyzes by comparing the patterns to the face details. It is an essential part of the different methods of Identity verification. Face detection Systems use the latest technologies, like facial biometrics to check and confirm a person’s identity.

 It includes the following three steps: 

1. Face Detection Process: It detects and classifies the faces in  images and videos.

2. Face Capture: It transforms a face i.e analog information into digital data or vectors using their faces special features.

3. Face Match Online: This process verifies that face matches with the individual within seconds based on his face features like the distance between eyes, nose shape and outline of  ear, lips and chin. 

Why Is There A Need For Face Detection Online?

  • It is easy to implement.
  • No physical interaction is required.
  • It makes the identity verification process faster and more accurate.
  • It fights against deep fake and fraudulent authentication e.g face liveness detection verifies if a user is physically present before the camera or some spoof. 


Face detection online is the most relevant application of image processing and biometric systems that is an essential part of the identity verification process. This process is  required by different businesses, financial institutions, government agencies and other platforms to fight against fraud and scams. It acts as an effective tool to make the whole process of identification more authentic and fool proof whether it is onboarding of customers, opening of account, any sales operation or even the unlocking of mobile gadgets.

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