Different Ways to Save Money on Thanksgiving This Year

There is no doubt about the increase in prices of different products and services across the world, including groceries. For Thanksgiving, you might experience a rise in turkey and potatoes, sweet corn, ham, and pumpkins prices. However, there are several ways to save money without sacrificing the taste and quality you want for your dishes. 

Since there is inflation, there are also many solutions that can help you make your Thanksgiving more festive and make your holiday table budget-friendly. Let’s have a look at the following ways to save money on Thanksgiving this year. 

Replace Meat with Vegetables 

You can try a plant-based meal this year. This might serve as a less expensive alternative to your meat-centric meals. Also, they are more environment-friendly and can accommodate your guests who follow a vegan diet. You can consider using an artificial turkey for aesthetic purposes for your holiday table instead of a real bird. This will add creativity to your meal. 

You can add many options like vegan cuisines or entrees for your Thanksgiving meal, including wild rice, mushroom potpie, red lentil curry, etc. You can use Ziply fiber internet service to stream videos of different plant-based cuisine for Thanksgiving. Use Ziply Fiber Customer Service to order their services. Another reason to add vegetables to your holiday table this year is that they can help you make more room for dessert.

Plan Hosting a Holiday Potluck

Hosting potlucks are fun and easy to host. To initiate your plan for the Thanksgiving potluck, you can create a shared sign-up sheet a week before your feast. This way, your Thanksgiving potluck will become a more planned and organized event. 

You can consider offering one of your guests to make sweet potato casseroles, turkey, and the fixings and ask them to bring the starters and desserts. This way you can celebrate your Thanksgiving with the true Thanksgiving spirit and try out some traditional family recipes. 

Utilize Food Scraps

If you waste your food, you waste a lot of money. The food scraps left after the Thanksgiving dinner are not supposed to be tossed out. You can save your peels, leaves, roots, and stems and boil them up, and use them in a veggie or turkey-based stock for use later on. You can also use slightly bruised produce for dishes as stuffing. You can toast up squash, celery, carrots, or pumpkin seeds and use them to create a delicious appetizer. 

Shop for Ingredients Ahead and in Bulk Quantity 

If you are using a limited menu, you might need ingredients in bulk quantities. This means that you are supposed to save money by more of each ingredient needed for your Thanksgiving dish. Many stores offer discounts and lower prices if you buy a larger bag of potatoes, an industrial-sized pack of walnuts, and so on. 

Also, you should decide about your Thanksgiving menu a few weeks ahead so that you can avail different sales, and stock up on different ingredients at the lowest prices possible  

Avoid Buying New Equipment

If you are hosting the Thanksgiving feast for the first time, you should spring the roasting tray, the specialty cake pan, and other equipment. If you do not have any of these utensils at home, you can consider borrowing them from any of your friends or neighbors who may have extra. You can ask them to let you borrow their utensils for Thanksgiving if they are not hosting a Thanksgiving dinner at their home. 

It is also a good idea to buy secondhand utensils if you cannot find anyone who can let you borrow their utensils. For this, you can check out Facebook Marketplace and other social sharing apps to find deals on buying utensils and kitchen accessories for Thanksgiving. 

Strategically Prepare Your Meals from Leftovers

You might not know about the food you’ll be left with. It is a good idea that you plan for the type of food you would want to have at home for a few days. Try to make the most of whatever you are left with in the pantry. Try having the bread left with you and create a turkey sandwich. 

You can use the turkey bones, and eggs that you can use with the leftover veggies. You can use plastic bags to freeze the turkey and use it for the New Year. 

If you know that you or your guests won’t be able to finish your Thanksgiving meal, you can contact your neighbors and share a plate with them. You can also join a food-sharing group and donate your food to the people who need it. If you send leftovers to your guests, make sure you use their vessels so that you don’t run out of food storage containers and boxes at home. 


In the end, one can say that you can have an amazing feast for Thanksgiving and save a considerable amount of money at the same time. Apart from that, you can be as creative as possible and host your Thanksgiving feast.

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