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9 Important Steps to Take After a Slip & Fall Accident

If you’ve been injured in a slip-and-fall accident there are certain steps you need to take to ensure that your rights are protected and that you receive fair compensation. Here is the list of 9 important steps to take after a slip and fall accident.

  1. Seek medical treatment as your first step

The First and most important thing you should do is consult a doctor after a slip and fall accident, even if your injuries appear to be mild. Slip and fall injuries can lead to internal damage of bones, which is among the serious possible consequences of this kind of accident. The signs of internal bleeding may not be visible right away but can be severe. Seeing a doctor will help you get the best medical care, and will help you keep a record of the accident. It will also make sure that the accident has been properly recorded by a professional.

  1. Try to examine what caused you to fall

While you may be in shock and might have injuries from falling, look around you as much as possible which will help you to determine what caused you to fall. For example, did you slip on a wet floor at a store because no one gave a warning or the tile was broken? Any reason it might be it will help you figure out if you are the victim of someone else’s negligence, hire Clearwater slip and fall lawyer

  1. Report the accident

After analyzing what made you fall, report the complaint against the relevant manager or property owner to seek financial compensation. Report clearly what happened in real-time and what made you fall and ensure that there is no mistake in documenting the incident. Documentation will keep memories fresh.It may also be useful to ask bystanders if they would be able to share their accounts of the fall if they saw it happen.

  1. Document the case file

To build a strong case for fair compensation, document all information about the accident from where it occurred, how it happened, and what it did to you. In some cases, a property owner may be considered responsible for your injuries. For example, if a floor was left wet and slippery without a warning sign, that caused you to slip and fall, you can prove in court with the reason that the premises had been left in a dangerous state and without a warning sign. Also try to take pictures, and videos and save copies of all relevant talks regarding the accident as it will help show the facts of what actually happened.

  1. Contact a slip-and-fall lawyer

The best thing you can do for your case is to contact an experienced clearwater personal injury lawyer. Choose a lawyer who has a record of experience. They will guide you in every step and even try to gather evidence for the case. Their presence can win you the case faster and get you fair compensation.

  1. Don’t give statements to insurance companies

Don’t discuss your case with the insurance company until you hire a qualified accident lawyer Clearwater who can guide you on what to do and what not to do. Saying anything unknowingly may hurt your case. Reserving statements and blame will also help to run your case according to your strategy.

  1. Request business owners to give security footage of the accident

Other than the Retail store where you fall off there might be some other businesses that serve the public with a 24 hours a day security camera. If you have a slip and fall accident on public property, you can ask them for security footage of your accident.

  1. Save your clothing for evidence

If you have nothing to show as evidence in the course keep your clothing from the day of the injury. Clothing can be your big asset to show physical evidence of how the injury occurred, particularly if there are visible holes or tears in the clothes. It will also help to tackle the insurance company’s claim that your attire was to blame in the event of a slip.

  1. Get in contact with witnesses

Another important step will be to take contact information from witnesses who were present when the incident happened. Neutral third parties have no stake in the outcome of your personal injury lawsuit and will say the truth in the court. Their words are often as important as photographs. Be sure to ask for their name, home address, email address, and even telephone number if they permit.

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