4 Ways Virtual Assistants Can Help You Optimise Your Adobe Commerce Store

Talking about eCommerce platforms, Adobe Commerce is one of the best choices for people with robust versatility and features. The concept of this platform is to offer unique features to business owners, enabling them to handle various operations under one roof. But, their need for optimizing the store performance will still persist, with an intention to add uniqueness to your brand store. 

When you can enhance the user experience, site visibility and conversion rates, your Adobe Commerce business experiences stupendous growth. And for that, you must seek proper Adobe Commerce store management and performance enhancement. Most businesses hire a dedicated virtual assistant for this job, and that works out quite well. 

But before you look for a professional to handle the performance optimization and store management attributes, you must know about the practical ways they adopt. 

Why is Adobe Commerce Performance Optimization Important?

Adobe Commerce performance optimization is quite important as it focuses on the rapid growth of sales and handles the scalability demands. With proper Adobe commerce store management, you can expect the site speed to be optimal as a result of great UI and simplified checkout. 

The virtual assistants will play a major role in prioritizing performance optimization of the store. They understand Google and its algorithms better than anyone and will make sure your site doesn’t seem sluggish to the search engine. Your site speed, content quality, easy navigation, and other such aspects will be fixed to ensure your site ranking doesn’t drop. 

Moreover, finding and solving various performance issues will also be helpful in preventing cart abandonment or increased rates of dissatisfied customers. 

In What Ways Do Virtual Assistants Help Manage Adobe Commerce Store and Improve its Performance?

Adobe Commerce does use ample resources, which at times slows down the overall system. However, store owners can implement the right optimization with the help of virtual assistant services to overcome the issue for themselves. Here are some ways virtual assistants can help you with proper Adobe Commerce store management and performance improvement:

1. Lookout for the Unnecessary Extensions and Remove Them

Adobe Commerce or Magento enables you to integrate extensions into your store to add important functionalities or features. It is true that there’s no limitation on how many extensions you add to your store, but adding too many unnecessary ones might just slow down your operations. 

The VAs will look after all the extensions that are already integrated into your Adobe Commerce store and will remove the unnecessary ones right away. This way, your performance rate will improve, and admins will find it easier to work with the store system. VAs will run in-depth assessments on what particular extensions do for the store. 

Based on the insights collected and your consent, new extensions can be added, or older ones can be removed to support your site optimization. This is one of the most important tasks associated with Adobe Commerce store management. 

2. Optimization of the Image or Graphic Files

The next big thing that the VA does is optimization of the media files such as images or graphic files. It might seem fascinating for you to add high-quality images for your products, but that might lead to slowing down your product pages. Virtual assistants offer you product data entry services for listing your brand offerings over the store. 

In the process, they also handle image uploads and their optimization to ensure big-sized files don’t interrupt the load time of your site. The optimized photos don’t deteriorate in terms of quality but are just compressed so that they don’t hinder the store’s performance. The virtual assistants are proficient with using image or graphic optimization tools for serving the purpose. 

Moreover, Adobe Commerce or Magento also comes with a specific feature called ‘Lazy Loading’ for better optimization. This feature is executed in a way such that the images on a product page or the website will load only when a user scrolls down to them. Thus, it improves the page loading speed. Your VA will help you implement this feature on your Magento store for added optimization. 

3. Adjust the CSS and JavaScript Settings of the Site

Whether you hire an expert Amazon virtual assistant or an Adobe Commerce virtual assistant, they are skilled and trained to put all possible efforts into scaling the performance of your respective stores. 

Keeping that in mind, when VAs are handed out an Adobe Commerce site for performance optimization, they tend to make technical changes to the CSS and JavaScript settings. It becomes an essential step alongside the inclusion of the images. Every unoptimized file is responsible for slowing down the site, which needs to be fixed. 

VAs will help you in merging, minifying and bundling the various unoptimized files and reduce the count of HTTP requests that get initiated for the server. This way, the site speed will be enhanced, and search engine rankings will improve. 

4. Analyze the Theme

Reviewing your site’s theme is one of the major tasks for any Adobe Commerce VA. It is a difficult job to analyse the site code and the theme implemented into it. However, the VAs are trained to take this task forward and will help detect if there are any non-compatibility issues within the theme. 

Moreover, they would also look out for any unnecessary features that are loaded onto the theme, which is slowing down the store or affecting the performance adversely. Virtual assistants would not just detect these issues but would also fix them to the maximum extent possible. 

Bottom Line

Working out on your Adobe Commerce store management and performance optimization are keys to helping you win more customers and sales. But, with some core operations in check, it becomes quite difficult for you to look out for in-depth performance or management attributes. 

Therefore, hiring virtual assistants for the job is a smart move for enhancing the performance aspect of your store. This shall scale the user experience of the store and will help you achieve better rankings over search engines. 

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