Will WhatsApp CRM be helpful for your business in 2023?    

In the present world, no one can say they are away from chatting over WhatsApp with their loved ones. Some use it to increase sales. Mixing WhatsApp into your customer relationship strategy becomes very helpful if you know the right way to do it. Imagine a single app replying to your customers’ questions, sending timely messages, and ultimately increasing sales. What else do you want? Sounds fun! Do all this by using WhatsApp, the popular app where customers love to chat. If you want to know more about WhatsApp’s new features, do not skip to the end: 

What is WhatsApp CRM?

Using WhatsApp to talk to and communicate with your customers is what everyone calls WhatsApp CRM. It is faster and easier to talk with your customers through WhatsApp, as it makes exchanging emails or calls easier than before. By using this WhatsApp customer service platform, you add a new touch to your business by knowing your customers’ choices.   

Why should you consider using WhatsApp CRM? 

There are many ways in which WhatsApp CRM can prove to be a great help. Have you tried any? It makes communication easy and fast and allows you to increase customer satisfaction.    

1. Instant communication-peoplee expect prompt replies in this fast and furious world. Customers do not like to wait for an email reply or that annoying callback. WhatsApp CRM comes as a blessing as it helps you to reply to all your customers’ questions, process orders, or exchange real time communication. 

2. Universality- Most people use WhatsApp to talk with people. Thus, when you use WhatsApp to talk with your customers, you talk to them on an app they use daily. WhatsApp is a known and easy app for them. Thus, it makes communication feel more personal than professional.    

3. Multimedia support– It is the most common platform to send pictures, videos, and voice messages. Words are a great way of communicating, but imagine using more features to make the message more exciting. Sounds like a plan! We are talking about introducing a new product, sending voice notes, exchanging your day-to-day progress,etc.c, with your present and potential clients.   

4. Cost efficiency– Other communication methods like SMS and email are ineffective. WhatsApp CRMs are more cost-efficient, especially for sending messages or making international calls. You can send several messages using WhatsApp without paying any extra cost.   

5. Global reach– WhatsApp makes talking to customers from other countries easy. It is as easy as talking to local customers. Your customers can be on another continent or on the next street. A message is all you need to contact them. WhatsApp makes iteasyt with with everyone, as it has a vast user base that spreads across the globe.    

What are the features you get on WhatsApp CRM? Check here..   

1. Automated chatbots- WhatsApp provides chatbots that can send immediate replies to commonly asked questions even when you are offline.    

2. multi-device support- WhatsApp CRM helps you access it anywhere and anytime. You can use WhatsApp from your laptop, phone, etc.   

3. mixing with other tools– You can connect WhatsApp with your other business tools. You can link your WhatsApp to other CRM platforms or marketing software. It will make your work easy.   

4. End-to-end Encryption- WhatsApp provides security and privacy. It keeps all the messages safe. Both messages sent and received are secured. All information is private.   

5. Analytics- You can get insights on delivery rates, message reads, customer replies, and the involvement of your customers that will help you make strategies.    

How can you successfully implement WhatsApp CRM?    

1. Segment your contacts– You should make groups of your customers as per their choices, buying history, questions asked, etc.   

2. Set up automated replies– You can set up fast replies for most asked questions or greeting messages for new contacts.   

3. Use labels- You can use new leads, awaiting payments, customers, and others to recognize and manage chats.     

4. Regular team training– You should provide regular training to your team on the features and practices of WhatsApp.    

5. Staying professional- You should keep your tone formal and talk to customers professionally, even if WhatsApp feels casual.    

6. Feedback- Never miss customer feedback to improve future conversations.     

Expect these with lots more WhatsApp CRM in the future

1. Better tools- AI tools can tell you about customer needs, yes, in real life! It offers suggestions and guidance on your CRM tasks.    

2. Better analytics- Along with message reads or replies, WhatsApp CRM also delivers insights into customer behavior. It can also predict purchases.    

3. Integrated payment solutions- It will allow customers to make payments through chats. Your customers can buy the product from you while chatting.   

4. Sustainability initiatives- features showing environment-friendly products.   

5. Collaborative business features- WhatsApp may come up with shared whiteboards and search options.   

Things that are good to know before you download CRM on WhatsApp- 

1. WhatsApp Business API access- You need complete access to the WhatsApp business API to download CRM.    

2. Data privacy– You must ensure your CRM provider keeps the data private and secure.    

3. Ability to integrate- Your CRM platform should allow you to mix with WhatsApp.    

4. Customer preference- Getting your customer’s permission before using WhatsApp to talk with them is always a safe option.

5. Automated replies- You should plan for automated replies in advance to increase the efficiency of your communication.      

Don’t miss out on checking these things before choosing a platform 

Choose a platform that offers an easy starting-up process and does not require a high level of technical knowledge. The platform should provide features like:

  • Automated responses
  •  CRM analytics
  • Multimedia support
  • Good customer support 
  • Keep up with updates
  • Cost of the platform.   

Wrapping up    

WhatsApp in your CRM will help you grow your business. Using WhatsApp to send messages and talk to your customers lets you talk to them easily and quickly. It provides a personal touch and a known environment. It also increases reading and reply rates. WhatsApp is cheaper than other ways of communicating. It is more helpful than other platforms, making it more wanted.    

Keeping everything in mind and choosing the right platform for your WhatsApp CRM can make huge changes in your business. It will help you grow very much and provide a great rate of return.

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