Top 3 AI Artist Voice Generators to Make Celebrity Voice

Create AI voices resembling renowned artists easily with the potential of artificial intelligence. Picture generating authentic voices for your projects without the need for expensive equipment or professional actors.

Our guide unveils a simple 3-step process for achieving this. Soon, you’ll master the art of producing artist voices by celebrity AI voice generator that perfectly mimics your favorite celebrities.

Top 3 AI Music Artist Voice Generator you should try

When it comes AI music, 3 remarkable text to speech tool to copy famous artists’ voices, transforming the music industry. Let’s explore these top three celebrity ai voice generator that create artist voices, pushing the limits of musical creativity.

VoxMaker offers 3200+ AI voice models in 70+ languages, featuring cartoon characters, celebrities, singers, rappers, and more. Moreover, It also provides AI voice cloning feature, if you have recently had a cold and your voice is changing, you can also perfectly clone your best voice ever – just upload an audio, and it’ll create a voice 99% similar. Keep it forever and make it say whatever you like!

Key features:

Various Voice Choices: 3200 voices in 70+ languages, plus many voice categories, like anime characters, famous celebrities, rappers.

All in one toolset: Not only text to speech, but speech-to-text, voice cloning, voice-to-voice conversion, DIY voice editing.

Powerful compatibility: supports almost all audio formats, like WAV, MP3, etc. Easily import/export the audio in any of these formats.

Now you can free trial VoxMaker online text to speech to see it it meets your need! If you wanna experience more artist voices, here is the detailed guide:

Step 1: Download UnicTool VoxMaker on your PC. Launch it and select the “Text to Speech” function. Then click the “Change Voice” button.

Step 2: Search for the voice you want to use in the search bar.

Step 3: After choosing the voice, then type your script in the box. Click “Convert,” and the software will take a moment to turn your text into audio. Don’t forget to give it a listen before saving it to your computer for later use.

  • Elevenlabs

Introducing ElevenLabs’ revolutionary AI artist voice generator! Now you can turn text into incredibly realistic speech with amazing accuracy. Whether you’re a video influencer, developer, or business owner, it will be the ultimate tool for making engaging audio experiences in any language.

Key features:

Realistic and Multiple Voice: It provides natural tone and inflections for genuine delivery based on context, supporting 29 languages and various accents for a global audience.

Make your unique voice: Adjust voice settings with precision for clear, stable, or lively audio.

Other additional features: ElevenLabs elevates your projects, from videos to audiobooks, gaming, and AI chatbots.

  • Uberduck

Uberduck is a famous online voice generator, it’s the perfect tool for music creation with powerful AI-driven singing and rapping vocals. Whether you’re a creative agency, or a musician, Uberduck ensures unforgettable musical experiences.

Key features:

DIY awesome beats and lyrics: Check out a variety of cool beats to set the vibe for your musical masterpiece., also you can easily generate lyrics with AI or add your own for a touch of your unique creativity.

Create rap song: Turn your lyrics and beat into a complete rap song. Download it as audio or video for sharing on different platforms.

How to Make AI Cover Songs

YouTube is full of AI-created music covers that demonstrate the ability of artificial intelligence to replicate famous voices. Check out the trending AI cover of “Life is a Highway” by AI Taylor Swift—it’s getting a lot of buzz!

Let’s discover how to create AI cover songs with any artist’s AI voice, and learn about the tools that can turn your musical ideas into reality.

You can try Covers.AI to get there, it’s designed especially for crafting impressive AI artist voices and music covers.

Uploading the song that inspires you, then select a voice, then wait for a while and it will generate your full AI cover.

FAQs about Artist AI Voice

What exactly is an artist’s AI voice?

An artist’s AI voice copys the distinctive vocal style of famous artists by analyzing their unique traits and producing similar audio.

Can I use an artist’s AI voice commercially?

Review the licensing terms of the specific AI tool or service; some permit it, while others may have restrictions.

Any legal concerns for creative projects?

Take into account copyright and licensing laws for commercial use, and secure permissions when necessary.


Use AI tools like VoxMaker, ElevenLabs, Voicify.AI, and Covers.AI to reduplicate the voices of famous artists. Among these, VoxMaker stands out for its features, accuracy, and high-quality artist voices.

Why not try VoxMaker today to unlock the creative power of AI in music and content creation, creating the voices of your favorite artists?

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