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What’s About a Snakid Mole Rat Who Does Hip-Hop?

If you’re looking for new hip-hop artists, you’ve probably come across the name Snakid. Although he’s just a young rapper, Snakid has an extensive resume as a singer, songwriter, and member of a racing team. You’ve probably wondered what’s so unique about a naked mole-rat who does hip-hop. If so, this article will introduce you to the talented young artist.

He’s a Musician

You may surprised to learn that Mekai is actually a musician, voice artist, and actor. In fact, he has posted videos of himself playing the drums on social media. Regardless, he’s certainly got the potential to become a great musician. He’s gain followers on Instagram and is currently working on his next project: an original musical album. If you’re wondering how he plays the drums, here are some of his coolest moves:

He’s a Naked Mole-Rat

The Snakid is a small, rodent-like mammal native to the Americas. Its incisors are remarkably powerful and use for digging through hard packed soil. Its jaws is large compare to other mammals, with 25 percent of its total body mass dedicated to its jaw. This type of rat has two distinct stages of development – the first stage is the growth phase. In the second stage, the female grows into a queen and increases the distance between vertebrae in her spine.

The naked mole-rat is a small, grayish-brown rodent. It lives in tunnels and burrows in the sand deserts of eastern Africa. It is essentially blind, but it has a highly developed sense of smell and is sensitive to vibrations in the ground. This rodent eats succulent tubers and obtains all its water through its food.

He fights off other females to stay in charge of colony

In order to stay in charge of a mole-rat colony, the queen has to battle off other females. She pushes the other females out of her tunnels, and soldiers in the colony hear the alarm call and run off to protect the colony with sharp teeth. But what if the queen’s mate doesn’t like that alarm call? Then she can use the alarm call as a bargaining chip with the soldiers who are already defending the colony.

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