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Order Food on Train Using Train Time Table

A train trip can be more entertaining if you are not alone and have something to munch on. If you want to have a comfortable and convenient trip, you can order food on the train and use the train time table to plan out your meals. In this article, we are going to understand the train timetable and how to order food on train.

Understanding Train Timetables

A train time table usually shows two important pieces of information: first, it displays the train schedule on specific routes, allowing individuals to select the most appropriate departure hours. 

In addition, it provides detailed information about each train, including its departure and arrival points, the duration of the trip, the number of stops it makes, and the time it takes to wait at every stop.

Fortunately, it has never been simpler to get train schedules. People now have various ways to access their train time table, on official websites, smartphone apps such as the official IRCTC app, and IRCTC-authorised third-party platforms like Railofy. One can gather all the details required for a smooth and enjoyable trip with only a few clicks or swipes.

Exploring the Train Timetable Feature

Some of the features of the train timetable include: 

Route Information

The schedule contains each train journey’s starting and ending points and shows the stations where it halts. Thus, people can narrow down which trains best suit their schedules.

Departure and Arrival Times

This provides the train’s departure and arrival times at each station. This data enables planning your schedule, reduces waiting time, and ensures timely arrival at the destination.

Journey Duration

The schedule illustrates the overall time required to travel from the starting station to the destination, considering the number of stations en route and the halting time in between. This allows them to plan their trip accordingly.

Benefits of Ordering Food Through Train Timetable

Picture yourself sitting back on a train and enjoying the view as the wheels move along the tracks. You get hungry while you’re riding in peace. Don’t worry—the food service will make you happy!

You can use a train timetable to order food on train and make your trip more fun. Let’s look at the advantages of this useful service:

Saving time and effort during the journey

One of the benefits of online ordering is saving time by ordering food in advance. You can relax during the journey without worrying about preparing meals. You don’t need to worry about what to eat for dinner tonight; just enjoy the scenery from your window.

Ensuring the availability of preferred meals

Nothing is more annoying than not getting your favourite food during a pleasure trip. Pre-ordering meals gives travellers a chance to select their favourite foods and be assured of good quality.

Enhancing the overall travel experience

Using the train timetable to order food enables you to enjoy the process rather than being hungry. Custom-made lunches on regular train rides can turn a dull ride into an exciting adventure. It doesn’t matter what type of food you’re longing for; the trip will be better for all when you order in advance.

How to Order Food — The Procedure 

It is easy and only takes a few steps to order food on train. This step-by-step guide will help you order easily:

  • Check out the IRCTC website or app. 
  • Enter your train number or route to access the timetable.
  • Customers can look at the train schedule to see which stops have special symbols that show they can order food online. People can order their favourite food at these places for great food on the go.
  • At stops where people can buy food, passengers can pick their meals from a menu. 
  • Once visitors choose a meal, they can safely place their order and pay through IRCTC. Passengers can pay with net banking, credit/debit cards, and mobile apps.
  • Once you order the food, sit back and wait for it to be brought. 

Tips for Ordering Food on the Train

It’s easy to order food on train once you know how. If you want to enjoy your meal without any stress, whether you’re a seasoned traveller or this is your first time on the train:

Planning ahead for meal times

When you order food on a train, timing is very important. Check the train schedule for stations where food is delivered and plan your meal stops accordingly. If you know what to order and when to order it, you’ll never miss a great meal while travelling, whether you’re looking for a big breakfast or a late-night snack.

Checking for station stops offering food options

Do your research first because not all stops let you order food online. To get food, look for stops that show different train schedules. Once you know about these food spots, you can plan your stops and eat great food while travelling.

Understanding delivery times and options

When you order food on a train, check the stations offering food delivery and decide when you want it delivered. Plan ahead for arrival times or the last day to order some services. For a good dining experience during a train journey, consider the estimated arrival time and the halts in between.

Ensuring smooth payment and delivery processes

For a seamless payment process, before you place your order, ensure your payment information is correct and that you are securely connected to the internet. After your order is confirmed, you can sit back and relax while you wait for your food. You can do this knowing that every step has been carefully planned for a great dining experience on the train.


A train time table makes it easy to order food on the go and spice up every mile. Using a train timetable to order food makes planning easy and guarantees fast delivery, making it an excellent way for tourists to eat.

Consider these suggestions for the best dining experience on your next train ride. When you order food on train, you can try local specialities and comfort foods you love. If you get hungry on a train, you can ensure a full and enjoyable meal by following the timetable. Enjoy your food and your trip!

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