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How do I access CUNYfirst Lehman?

CUNYfirst at Lehma

CUNYfirst Lehman College is getting ready to launch its new CUNYfirst system later this semester. Training will begin in mid-October and the new system is expected to be live by early November. It will handle web grading and the registration process for the fall, winter and spring semesters.

Lehman College accepts students from all backgrounds and offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in business, nursing, health sciences, and natural and social sciences. The college also offers the Lehman Scholars Program for highly capable students. It features individual counseling, seminars, and special courses.

CUNYfirst Lehman Enterprise Resource Planning systems project

CUNY’s Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERP) project is a major change initiative designed to create a unified and integrated campus. The project will replace various legacy computer systems and promote an integrated CUNY. The system will be implemented in phases over the next five years. The goal is to save $26 million in productivity by the end of the project.

Initially, the goal was to implement a single, enterprise-scale system that would encompass all business processes on campus. This system would have saved money by eliminating the need to maintain a variety of disparate systems and would have provided information access for all stakeholders. But CUNY’s focus on an all-encompassing, centralized system severely limited its options.

Student management system at CUNYfirst Lehman

The student management system at Lehman College is a collaborative system that enables the college to manage student data. The system will support improved advising, retention, and degree completion. It will utilize robust web capabilities and BI/analytics, and will unify and streamline data. It will also make it easier for students to complete online forms, such as the “declaration of major” form.

Lehman College is known for its small classes and close interactions between faculty and students. The college also has a thriving Teacher Academy and Honors College. It is also known for being a catalyst for social mobility in the community. It strives to offer quality education to all students to prepare them for their future professional and graduate studies.

Freshman year initiative

Cornell’s Freshman year initiative aims to help first-year students navigate the college experience by providing support, educational and social programs. It also provides financial assistance to admitted students. Financial aid is based on demonstrated need. Starting in the fall of 2021, Cornell will offer a new financial aid package to undergraduate students who do not hold US citizenship or a US residency visa. The college also has a need-blind admission review process for these applicants.

CAPSU has been instrumental in providing this service to Cornell students. This program help students from all backgrounds get connected with one another. Students have learned to be independent, responsible, and compassionate. In return, they are prepare for the college experience. Freshman year initiatives like these have helped students develop skills and confidence. For example, students can apply for summer internships that help them get their foot in the door.

Course equivalents

The City University of New York (CUNY) offers courses from other colleges and universities as equivalents. To transfer credits, choose the sending and receiving colleges and select the course you want to transfer. Then click on “Transfer What If.” The site will tell you how the credits you have taken will transfer and apply toward your degree.

However, you should note that some courses may not be eligible for the Credit/No Credit option. This is because letter grades are need for graduation, Click accreditation, and advancement in the major. Also, you should be aware that you must actively opt-in for the Credit/No Credit option in CUNYfirst. Otherwise, you will not be able to change your grade regardless of what you earned.

Privacy practices

When there is a breach of privacy, the College’s Legal Affairs Department, Vice President for the area affected, and Chief Information Officer will investigate the breach and make recommendations to the Chancellor’s office. They will then communicate these recommendations and actions to the appropriate parties. This policy describes the procedures for responding to such breaches.

Personal information is any information about an individual that can be used to identify the individual. CUNY collects personal information about students and employees that is necessary for the College to provide the services it offers. CUNY adheres to federal and state privacy laws, including the U.S. Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act and New York State Freedom of Information Law.

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