How to Reform Customer Experience With Genesys Agent Desktop

Technology plays a significant role in reshaping the business landscape and the retail sector is not untouched. Since CRMs need a sidekick to save the day, there’s been a buzz around the use of agent desktops in the retail industry.

With all the information & details at your fingertips, a Genesys Agent Desktop is a solution that streamlines customer experience.

Prompt resolution to queries is the second-most important thing that delights the customer, customers still adore discounts. Coming back to the point, agent desktops have truly been a game changer in the retail market, especially when they get tailored as per the business needs.

Specific customer requirements can be easily addressed with a customized agent desktop.

Ahead in this blog, you’ll delve into how the unified agent desktop for Genesys purecloud has transformed the retail realm by bringing together CRM & contact center on the same window. Let’s roll & find out more about it. Happy reading!

Retail Industry & Agent Desktops

Customer satisfaction is directly proportional to agent performance. If agents aren’t able to address a query on time, customers will remain dissatisfied. As per a 2023 report, 72% of customers leave a brand/company owing to poor customer service.

Different factors contribute to poor customer satisfaction like delayed redressal of queries, lack of communication, etc.,

However, there’s a key to unlock every door. Genesys purecloud agent desktop is the key to unlocking the unwavering customer experience and agent satisfaction.

Moreover, it unifies multiple apps and simplifies communication from different channels like video & voice calling, social messaging apps, social mentions, and email. This way, it becomes feasible for the agent to address the query, regardless of the communication channel chosen by the customer.

All in all, the Unified Agent Desktop gives a 360-degree view of customer details & interactions that occurred through different communication channels.

Features of Unified Agent Desktop for Genesys

By using a unified agent desktop for Genesys, agents can access multiple tools and applications from a single screen, eliminating the need to switch between different software. Here are the top six features of the tool.

Customer Information

The unified agent desktop for Genesys provides a comprehensive view of customer profiles, purchase history, and previous interactions, enabling agents to offer personalized assistance.

Communication Tools

Integration with various communication channels, like email, chat, and phone, allows agents to respond to customer inquiries using their preferred method.

Task Automation

The Genesys agent desktop automates routine tasks, like data entry or form submissions, to help agents prioritize their tasks to increase productivity.

Knowledge Base Access

Agents can access a centralized knowledge base for information on products, services, and frequently asked questions, aiding them in providing accurate and timely support.

Workflow Management

Genesys agent desktop streamlines workflows for processes like order processing, returns, and issue resolution, making operations more efficient.

Real-time Analytics

Provides insights into key performance indicators and customer metrics, allowing for data-driven decision-making and continuous improvement.

The best thing about agent desktops is that they can be customized according to business needs. Next in line, you’ll understand this with the help of a real-life example where a renowned electronics retail company got customization of the tool done.

Customizing Genesys Agent Desktop for Business Needs

A customer drops an email to the customer support of a renowned electronics retailer in the market for the purpose of servicing the electronic gadget. Since the company is already using the agent desktop, it displays the complete profile of the customer including the details related to his/her contact details, purchase history, shipping address, etc.,

Even though the customer used email to initiate the conversation, the agent switched to a live chat interface within the same environment for seamless communication. Once the customer explains the issue being faced, the agent immediately switches to the pre-integrated knowledge base.

By using the knowledge base, the agent can provide solutions to common troubleshooting and queries with accuracy.

Hence, the agent desktop for Genesys purecloud serves as the central hub that enables the customer support agent to access information, communicate with you through various channels, and efficiently address and resolve the issue with your order.

It showcases how the integration of tools and information within a unified interface enhances the overall customer support experience. In other words, the hassle of switching between screens is eliminated.

Unified Agent Desktop – The Future of Customer Support

Unified agent desktop is a scalable solution for every contact center. Their prime role is to uplift the customer experience by providing a 360-degree view of customer details to agents. By using this tool, agents can automate & execute custom workflows effortlessly without losing productivity.

NovelVox is a pre-eminent name in the CX realm. It has been serving different verticals worldwide. Its product line includes Smart CTI connectors, Wallboards, Chatbots, and Unified Agent Desktops.

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